Top 10 Best Wedding Hairstyles For Men To Try In 2019

Kaira Immre |Oct 25, 2019

You’re groom-to-be and you have to prepare a lot of things for the big day. Besides choosing the most outstanding outfit, your hairstyle also makes you greater in the crowd. And here’re 10 best wedding hairstyles for men you should consult and try now.

It’s wrong when saying that all the happiness and greatest things in the wedding day are given only for brides. Men also surely want to be the best version of themselves on this day. And one important factor contributing to his perfect appearance is the hairstyle. So, start preparing to become the center figure with 10 wedding hairstyles for men below!

Natural wavy hairstyle

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Source: atozhairstyles

If you have a bit of length, try to think about the wavy hairstyle like this one. However, there’re too many wedding hairstyles for men with your curly hair. So, it may be better if you keep your waves natural and different. And you’ll pay much attention to the crowd on your big day.

The attractive undercut

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It isn’t the hairstyle for only young man. The slight undercut can make your face sharper and reveal your perfect jawline. Don’t hesitate, just steal your lady’s heart again with this style.

Slicked Back Short Hair

Source: menshairstylesnow

To own the slicked back short hair, you need to achieve a neat, smoothed-back style that’s full of volume. Also, you try to use a blow dryer to boost the volume and make your hair upside down.

The casual spikes

Source: weddingwire

One of the best wedding hairstyles for men you should try is the casual spikes. To style spiky hair, use a strong pomade, wax or cream to create slight and playful vibes for your spikes. You can comb your spikes over towards the back or keep their hair spiked in the front, which depends on your favorite.

Long and flowy hairstyle

Source: fashionbeans

One thing you surely need to own this style is long hair. The length will show off your curl at its finest, but be sure and have your stylist cut the shape into your mane. But, remember long hair is not for all men. So think carefully before deciding to choose this style on the wedding day.

Messy hairstyle

Source: pinterest

Causal, charming and so cool, there’s nothing quite like a messy hairstyle. To achieve this messy hairstyle, just comb your hair out, run your hands through it with a bit of wax or matte pomade. And then, you will have the messy hair that has textured and wild finish, which makes you so cool and outstanding on your big day.

Crew cut buzz cut

Source: sociedademodamasculina

The buzz cut is one of the most attractive formal wedding hairstyles for men to wear on that day. The crew cut buzz cut is also excellent for men having longer foreheads. The tip to own this nice style is that the top is slightly longer than the sides. Moreover, a matte pomade or mousse will keep everything neat all day.

Side parting with side puff

Source: weddingwire

Get rid of the thought that the puff hairstyle is only for women. Adding the puff style with the wedding outfit, you’ll be more attractive and romantic and pay more attention from the crowd. Especially, it’s easy to gain it. Use some gel to your hair, create a side parting and then raise the front part to make one side puff. Well, this stage is for you!

Textured ivy league haircut

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Source: atozhairstyles

A textured ivy league haircut can be an excellent choice for many gents, especially on wedding days because it brings a formal look. For those owning thick hair, a textured cut can break things up. With thin hair men, you can add bounce to create the balance for your face. A textured ivy league cut will always look cool and stunning.

High top curly fade

Source: weddingomania

It’s one of the best wedding hairstyles for men if they have curly hair. The back fade with curly bob on the top makes you different and outstanding. Moreover, you also can combine this wedding style with other beard styles.

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