20 Best Poses For Boys That'll Turn You Into A Photography Master AND A Heartthrob

Salena Harshini |May 15, 2020

Want to impress someone while having a great collection for yourself? Check out our list of pose for boys that will take your photos to another level.

Just as much as everyone else, guys also want to have themselves the best pictures, even if sometimes they don’t say that out loud. You are shy in front of the camera, maybe because you have little experience in posing or worried it would not come out well. Acknowledging that, Starbiz.com has compiled the best-recommended picture ideas or photo poses for guys, even those who are not really fond of being photographed. The top pose for boys below will be a simple yet ideal inspo for your next snapping.

1. Strolling poses

Walking is an extremely natural pose for boys. While strutting, you can look straight at the camera or look away which will make it look like you get caught on the lenses unaware.

Strutting pose for boys
Strutting pose looks natural and stylish.

While some can tend to stroll on a straight line and tense posture, others may strut with a relaxed, loose feel. It is totally up to you and this is the beauty of it.

If you find the hands too awkward, give it a purpose like holding on a prop (wallet, hat, jacket, phone…)

2. Soft Look Away

This is one of the most common poses for boys even in the glamor industry. With this look, you do not have to make eye contact with the camera or facing directly in it to show your facial emotions.

Sideway pose for boys
This is a big yes to those who may feel nervous looking directly into the lens.

All you need is a subtle look away with your body and eyes. Just a soft look away and you can tell a take and provoke thoughts. Never underestimate this pose’s power.

Tiger Shroff Look Away Pose For Boys
This look-away photoshoot tip can be combined with other poses for a perfect pic.

3. Looking to the Side (Back to Camera)

When shooting, it is not strange at all to think outside the box. If you are looking for something a bit different than usual, try having your back turn to the camera while you look to the side.

Back To The Camera pose for boys
Back to the camera if you want some deep moments!

This kind of pose for boys can help you flaunt your hair, nose or jawline, especially when you are proud of your side profile.

4. Leaning On Something

Basically, nobody is into standing solo in front of the lenses with no idea what to do with their feet, hands, or face. However, this pose will be a big help.

Leaning pose for boys
Leaning on something is also a great posing style for men.

We are sure everybody knows how to lean. Find yourself something to lean on, like the wall, the tree, the table… You will quickly feel how your body can settle very naturally.

In this case, a full-length shot can display a fantastic background or an admirable outfit. However, don’t hesitate to move in for some closer-up pictures, too!

leaning poses for boys when taking photos
What sounds better than leaning on an exotic car?

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5. One Knee Up

This one is also one of the easiest and comfortable poses for boys. Even our famous Bollywood actors love this stylish setting.

Hrithik Roshan pose for boys
Hrithik Roshan's pose with one leg up

While it is almost impossible to sit pleasantly with both of the knees held close to your chest, have a leg stretch out in front and one clutched beside or under the other leg would make a stylish pose.

One Knee Up pose for boys
Shahid Kapoor is also a fan of the pose for boys

6. Sitting (Facing Sideways)

Sitting with one’s face sideways is generally utilized on the site where the guys can sit on anything possible including the floor. For this pose, you will gaze at the camera into the distance or at a slender angle.

Sitting Pose for boys
Boys who aren't confident with their facial expressions can make use of this pose.

To create a moody or thoughtful photo, have your face taken close up while you look away from the lens. Depending on your favored theme, add in some accessories like hats, bandanas, etc.

7. Unconventional Seating

While you can pose while sitting on a chair to get a seated image, you can also look for other things like curbs, stairs, tree stumps, or ledges to make it unconventional.

Seating Unconventional pose for boys
Just make sure they are safe and not stand a big risk of ruining your outfit

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8. Arching Arm

The pose of the arching arm can lend you a hand in showing a fierce and powerful look. It is quite an excellent stance especially when you are wearing jackets or suits. Get your arms or arm arched out and your body will be stretched, helping to show more details while also cover more areas.

Arched Arm pose for boys
Actors such as Ranveer Singh or Armie Hammer give an example of the arching arm pose

This James Bond-ish look will totally help you ooze power and get a wiser look.

9. Taking A Knee

Kneeling works out wonderfully when you find sitting too slouchy. This type of posing shouts style.

Take Knee pose for boys
Taking a knee is a hot pose for men nowadays

Meanwhile, make sure to steer clear from crotch shots as you can pose slightly to the camera’s side.

10. Hands In The Pocket

The simplest way to pose for boy to have your hands rest relaxingly at hip-height is to tuck the thumbs into your pockets.

Hands In Pocket pose for boys
Act cool with this Hands In Pocket posing!

In case you want to put your entire hand in the pocket, also assure that your thumb with a bit of your hand is visible so you would not look like one-handed when you may actually not.

Leaning pose for boys 3
You can combine several poses, hand in pocket while leaning for example!

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11. A Simple Stance

If you prefer even more simplicity, you can try this simple pose for boys. Just simply stand in front of the camera lens and add a gentle lean and it will help highlight your face.

Simple Stance pose for boys
Just make it simple with a natural pose

12. Elbows To Knees

We are certain that everyone in this world knows the way to lean forward and rest the elbows onto their knee.

elbow to the knees pose for boys
Girls love seeing boys looking distance while having his elbow on the knee.

This among the best poses for boys is not only comfortable, simple but also helps minimize the waistline and put emphasis on your face.

13. Hands

Hands could tell a story in a photograph. As men's hands display a lot of strength and are an image themselves, don’t miss out on this gem.

Hands pose for boys
Hands are an attractive feature of men and you can make good use of it through photography.

While taking this pose for boy, you can play with your cufflink, watch, or something as such. It would be better to use minimal editing because showing your freckles, veins or scars say a lot about the history that your hand holds.

14. E.T.

If you prefer something unconventional and a little edgy, try zip up your hoodie and flaunt your inner E.T. This is a cozy pose for boys and needs some kind of hoodie or fabric. However, when you make it right, something cool would be created.

Never hesitate to add clothes and fabrics to your photoshoots. You would never know what would turn out best without foreseeing it.

Check out other top poses for boys that will totally work for you:

Armie Hammer Poses For Boys
Leaning to the wall and look straight to the camera!
Other poses for boys
Ask the photographer to capture your moment from above. Hands in the pocket recommended!
pose for boys half-naked
Uh oh, this pose is for six-pack men only!
Michael Jackson Pose for boys
Why not flaunt your Michael Jackson pose?
Poses For Boys Daily routine
Taking photos when you do daily routine is also a good idea.
pose for boys sitting
You can melt your girl's heart with this "intellectual" pose!
poses for boys face down
If you don't want to expose your entire face to the camera, try this simple pose for boys!
Srk Pose Poses For Boys
SRK pose will also make an exceptional choice for posing.

Among these poses for boys, which one is your favorite? Also, feel free to share with us more pose for boys that you find interesting.

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