What Makes People Fear Most About You, According To Zodiac Sign (Part 2)

Bindhiya Nhi |Sep 10, 2019

Each zodiac sign comes with a list of unwanted toxic traits. Find out what people fear most when it comes to your zodiac sign.

We all love to read about our flattering, positive traits when it comes to astrology. Nevertheless, each zodiac sign also comes with a list of bad behaviors. You might hate those negative traits, but they can help you acknowledge the full complexity of each sign.

It might be less exciting when you have to dip into these toxic qualities. However, knowing the dark sign of yourself is also the best way to overcoming it.

Read on below to find out what traits and habits that make people most fear when it comes to your zodiac sign.


Toxic Zodiac Signs 6

Although the scale reflects Libra's balance and harmony, you cannot come up with a quick decision instantly, and people find your indecisiveness quite annoying.

Besides, you tend to run away from conflicts just because you do not like to get your hands dirty.


Toxic Zodiac Signs 10

People might dislike several traits from other signs, but they are indeed afraid of a Scorpio. Known to be the most devious sign in the zodiac, it is all or nothing for you.

You are overbearing, jealous, and manipulative. However, you can also be hurt easily by adverse treatment, having a lot of tendencies that lean towards self-destruction.


Toxic Zodiac Signs 12

As you are a generous and spontaneous person, people love to be your friends.

However, you are likely to speak tactlessly, and your brutal honesty might bring up embarrassing things and hurt others. It is such your approach to life that attracts criticism from everyone.


Toxic Zodiac Signs 13

You are likely to be one of the best among your colleagues at work, being very ambitious and hardworking no matter what happens.

At this point, people hate you for always thinking you are better or smarter than them. You cannot help it, but that "know-it-all" factor rules you and turns you into a bossy and cold person.


Toxic Zodiac Signs 14

Being extremely creative and friendly, you make people feel at ease when they are with you. However, you can be cold due to your lack of empathy.

Your inability to read other's emotions combine with your witty jokes is a perfect recipe for cruelty. Many people secretly think of you as a heartless person.


Toxic Zodiac Signs 11

Your zodiac sign casts a dreamy haze over a part of your life. You hardly keep your feet on the ground, getting lonely and detached from other people to live in your imaginary world.

People are afraid of how you walk with your head in the clouds, disconnecting from real life in such a dangerous way.


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