Coca Cola Bacon, Coca Cola Garlic | Top Strange Flavors Of Coca-Cola That Surely Blow Your Mind

Leela Adwani |Mar 02, 2021

The manufacturer has launched several versions of the drink and here is the list of strange flavors of Coca-cola that is bound to stun you.

Classic coca-cola turns out to be a must at every party and is hands down one of the most-loved and biggest-selling beverages in the world. Invented in the late 19th century, the carbonated soft drink has dominated the market throughout the centuries.

The manufacturer has launched several versions of the drink and here is the list of strange flavors of Coca-cola that is bound to stun you.

Diet coke with Bacon

Whether the bacon-flavored coke does exist turns out to be a much-asked question. The netizens were wondering about the existence of this flavor after a picture of a diet coke emblazoned with two words “with Bacon” putting below the Coca-Cola logo emerged online.

Diet Coke With Bacon
Bacon-flavored version is confirmed not available on the market.

However, the representative of the company went on record to rubbish such rumor about this flavor. Bacon-flavored coke was actually claimed to be tested date to 2008. It wasn’t launched into the market.

Green tea coca-cola

The top strange flavors of Coca-cola cannot complete without mentioning the green tea version. This one, for sure, is real as it debuted in Japan in 2009.

Green Tea Coca
Green tea coke was aimed at health-conscious women.

This version targeted the health-conscious women aged from 20 to 30 years old as it had many antioxidants had in green tea. However, Green tea coca-cola failed to win the market as it was later discontinued.

Coca-Cola Blak

Blak is the coffee plus version which is also one of the newest flavors of the company. It was also first launched in Japan. This special type of drink also later hit the Australian market during the summertime of the same year.

Coca Cola Blak
It looks like a beer bottle.

Citrus flavored cola

The flavor resembles the lime or the lemon and the drink was first introduced in Japan. Apparently, Japan turns out to be a golden market for the company to test new and strange flavors of Coca-cola.

Citrus Flavored Cola
Do want to give it a try?

However, this drink didn’t last long because of the lack of interest from consumers. Other than Japan, the drink was also launched in New Zealand but also failed to make it big in this market.

Cherry flavored coke

This one is quite a popular flavor among consumers across the world but for many people, it’s still one of the weird and strange flavors of Coca-cola. It’s still around today.

Cherry Flavored Coca
Cherry is one of the most popular flavors of Coca Cola.

That would raise a few eyebrows as it was launched back in 1985. It’s was originally called Cherry Coke but in the year 2007, it was renamed Coca-cola cherry.

Coca Cola garlic

Raise your hand if garlic is one of your biggest enemies, then coca-cola with garlic flavor will be your nightmare.

Coca Cola Garlic Flavor
Do you dare to try it?

Yes, again, it was first introduced in Japan. Garlic cola is considered one of the craziest beverages in Japan.

Hubba Bubba coke

Hubba Bubba Coke
Take a walk down the memory lane with Hubba Bubba flavor

Last but not least on the list of strange flavors of Coca-cola is Hubba Bubba coke. Many said that they are not sure if they would enjoy this one as this is something we should chew only and not consume as a drink.

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