10 Signs A Valentine’s Marriage Proposal Is Coming To You

Ankita Chetana |Feb 13, 2020

Are you expecting a ring on your finger on the occasion of Valentine? If you are wondering what is coming next, you can refer to 10 signs of Valentine’s proposal below.

Valentine’s Day embraces a lot of interesting surprises for the couples but the most expected thing is a proposal. But not everybody makes it on this day, so how to realize the subtle and visible signs of Valentine’s marriage proposal? Here we have listed some ways telling you that 2020 will be your year.

10 signs of Valentine's proposal for a marriage

1 - Men often forget to put the toilet seat down and they only do it on special occasions when they really put their mind onto how to make you surprised. It might be your birthday or a chance to express their caring towards you. If you see them do this, it would give a signal of a proposal on Valentine's.

2 – When your friends or even mother often complained about your boyfriend as well as asked you to rethink, now they all suddenly state that he is a perfect one. It’s one of the most obvious signs of Valentine’s proposal that you can get. Believe me, your family or friends might already know but keep secrets of a surprise proposal.

Has he ever asked your ring size?

3 – A direct way that he can do is asking the size of your ring finger. Or if he is more exquisite, he will wrap your finger with a grass ring or a twisted string and based on it, he will know your size of ring.

4 – Normally, men only use directly the word ‘Love’ when you two are spending a long-distance or rolling each other on the bed. But when he recommends to ask you if you love him, it would predict a proposal ahead.

5 – He loves spending his time alongside your friends and family. You will notice that earlier, he didn't do it several times and often focused on the two's private time

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Alert! He is trying to get your family support!

6 - He pays more attention to belt and braces than usual and directs to his wish of growing old with you. In other words, he plans the excess of long-term money savings that include you as well such as buying properties and healthcare insurances.

7 - Men like enjoying the time with his drunken friends. One day, suddenly he changes his mind and spends more time with you than his debauchery, it means that a proposal is coming.

8 - He pretends to ignore the importance of Valentine's Day or even prefaces that he forgot about the date. But they often suck at telling a lie, do you think?

He tries to stare at the jewelry store - one of the most visible signs of Valentine's proposal

9 - Another obvious sign of Valentine's proposal is his eyes turning around the stores of jewelry. He will pretend to look for the other things such as a male watch. But guess? Of course, to buy a ring for you!

10 - Whenever you hear the word "we" from him, it's a signal of his important change and something special will come. Or he does many simple and little things that you completely love such as calling you cute, talking about children amongst many others.

These above signs of Valentine's proposal can give you a hint to realize that your boyfriend is turning to your husband-to-be. He might be delicate and you should be, too. There is always a link to what he hints before a proposal that you had better care and pay attention to. We wish you a Happy Valentine alongside your beloved ones.

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