7 Shoe Trends To Walk Through The End Of The Year. You Can't Miss Them!!!

Priyansh Ha |Mar 05, 2019

Get your best shoes to move forward!

Apart from clothes, 2019 shoe trends are also hands down a new interest. You will find it an exciting mixture of avant-garde statement shoes, functional flats, and retro throwback boots.

We have referred Raissa Gerona - REVOLVE's Chief Brand Officer and Samantha Wong - ELLE's Market Editor to pick the key trends in terms of footwear. In facts, it is all about being stylish yet comfortable designs. That’s why the position of sneakers remains.

Scroll down to find out the seven hottest shoe trends which we will be covering for this season.  


1. Adventure Sneakers

According to Samantha Wong, sneakers have a more adventurous feel. It means they’re somehow ‘uglier’ like dad’s sneakers. These Adidas Originals are her top choice.


2. Tall Slouchy Boots

When it comes to chic style, Gerona would prefer 80s-style slouchy or thigh-high boots. These items match perfectly with skinny jeans or a mini dress.


3. Kitten Heels

Yes, we’re talking about the latest shoe trend which is both sexy and comfortable at the same time. Kitten heels are here for you to achieve it effortlessly.


4. Croc Detailing

The era of modern touches is approaching with crocs is the star. Along with lower heel heights and square-toe sandals, crocs are the best option to comfort your feet.


5. Barely-there Sandals

Gerona insists on the rise of skinny-strap sandals this summer. Her favourite styles are those from Ancient Greek Sandals.


6. Rock N’ Roll Boots

These boots have won Wong’s heart since she saw it at Celine show pairing with a mini-dress. She believes that this is one of her most significant investment for the fashion trends this season.


7. Thick-strap Sandals

If strappy sandals are not hardcore enough for you, take a look at those thick-strap sandals to have a bolder look. Wong votes for the item from Chloe with thick strap wrapping around the ankle and toe.


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