Top 8 Shoe Trends In 2020 You Must Update Straight Away!

Rose Advani |Dec 06, 2019

2019 has been coming to an end! Here are the top 10 shoe trends that keep trending in 2020. Check out the list and pick up some awesome to complete your wardrobe!

Shoe trends in 2020 are available now! Fashionistas must update right now to not missing these fabulous footwear options in your wardrobe. The article has listed 8 hottest shoe styles that keep trending in 2020. Most of the styles get inspiration from the formers adding embellishments to create new trends.

Shoe Trends In 2020 You Must Update
Shoe Trends In 2020 You Must Update

Metallic Loafers

Being the top of the list, metallic loafer still keeps trending in 2020 though it has had a big bloom this year. The popularity of this style might come from the flexibility that a pair of metallic loafers bring back. You are easy to mix with your outfit this holiday season.

shoe trends in 2020
Metallic Loafers

Metallic Loafers2

Tips for wearing metallic Loafers, not only suit for barefoot, you can pair it with tall argyle socks for a stylish look as well as keep your feet warm in the cold weather.

Fall Florals

A must-have item for Fall, your wardrobe can not lack a pair of fall floral, it’s perfect. This style is normally presented with some yellow, blue, orange flowers against the dark background. The trend is a throwback of 70s-inspired ankle boot by Staud and quickly make fashionistas crazy about.

 Shoe Trends in 2020Winter Florals
Fall Florals is a throwback of 70s-inspired ankle boot

Following the style, you can find various types of shoes, from flats to pointed-toe pumps.

Creeper Sneakers

Being inspired by the '50s dandy subculture to the Vivienne Westwood-influenced '70s punk scene in the World War II battlefields, Louis Vuitton creates the creeper with its signature logo print. For this style, you still wear it with socks.

Creeper Sneakers
Creeper Sneakers

Cozy Shearling

Cozy shearling perfectly fit for the cold weather in Winter. Furry material becomes a favorite material to dress this winter, even Winter 2020. You can diversify your options from over-the-knee boots at Celine to fuzzy pumps. Winter is right here! Pick up your fit one immediately.

Ugg Sibley Shearling Boot
Cozy Shearling Boot

Animal Print Boots

We had already seen animal print boots in the fall and winter 2019 collections with the famous designers as Zimmermann and Victoria Beckham. The styles shine out by adding classic prints like leopard and paired them with a sculptural heel or pointy-toe footwear design. Following the style, you will get a unique look, different among other fashionistas.

shoe trends in 2020
Animal Print Boots listed on top shoe trends in 2020


For this style, this pair of pink platform sandals will be a good example. The style will come on boots and mules, so it is regarded as a kind of shoes.

Model Walks The Runway At The Michael Kors Ready T

Chunky Sneakers

For fans of sneakers, chunky sneakers are listed on the top shoe trends in 2020 collection thanks to its comfort and the sporty look the pairs giving back for people to wear them on. You should pair chunky sneakers with a tie-dye top or a rugby-shirt dress for the ultimate color clash–approved combo.

071619 Chunky Sneakers Update 1563300504
Chunky Sneakers


The list won’t be completed without buckles, which are the traditionally feminine footwear option, rooted by Alexander McQueen. You should choose a single buckle that simple to wear is you do not spend time in the morning for this.

shoe trends in 2020
Buckles for women

The recommendation list has handpicked you 8 top shoe trends in 2020, from flats, sneakers, boots, to buckles which allow you to be fashionable during four seasons. When you get already with trends, let’s take a buy for adding something new and trendy in your wardrobe.

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