5 Smart Choices For Brides Who Don't Aspire High Heels On Their Wedding Day

Ananya Trang |Oct 03, 2019

Juttis or Mojaris, Ballerinas, Flats, Kitten heels, Sneakers are amazing substitutes for brides who can’t deal with heels.

The fact is that wearing high heels along with heavy wedding dress is really difficult for brides especially standing and dancing.

However, it is now not a problem when all brides own the following more comfortable choices instead of heels on their most memorable day.

1. Juttis or Mojaris


Wearing Juttis or Mojaris not only brings brides comfort but also makes their elegancy. Moreover, it comes no as surprise that they are easy to combine with any brides’ different outfits like colorful themes, ghungroos or embedded stones ones.

2. Ballerinas


It will be a regret if brides ignore these pairs of special ballerinas on their wedding day, simply because it is outstanding in its own designs- shinning with ribbons, decorated of plain to extra brides’ charm in their attires definitely.

3. Flats


With trendiness and colorful attraction, flats will surely not make lured women who are in their wedding day disappointed if they know to love and make beautiful for their feet.

4. Kitten heels


Another typical alternative is kitten heels which are high enough to express brides’ glamour body in their traditional dresses and modern ones with the most relaxation as well.

5. Sneakers


Why not? Wearing sneakers designed plain or embellished certainly shows women’s personality on their unforgettable day. More importantly, they don’t need to care whether they have to stand all day or not due to staying totally comfort.

Some notes brides should keep their mind when wearing flats:

  • New Juttis or Mojiri could have a tendency to bite for a few days. Therefore, make sure to avoid shoe bite or blisters, brides should wear them some days before their wedding or require designers to change to the suitable size.
  • In case of shoe bites, preparing some the band-aid or cotton handy in shoes beforehand is really essential.
  • Ballet and flats maybe slip on the marble, thus it is highly recommended for brides to buy anti-slip sole.

It can be said that the right pair of shoes which they feel the most comfortable in will surely make them beautiful and charming in everyone’s view. Let’s become a wise decision-maker in any situation for yourself.


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