Be A Trendy Lady With This Viral Retro Hair Flip Mania

Aesha |Nov 13, 2019

THIS ‘90s retro hair flip trend is making a comeback and it is about time that you try it out. Many celebs have proved it is a versatile and classy style.

Many trends that have been going in vogue in 2019 seem familiar and probably the reason is that we have seen them prior to now. A lot of the ‘80s, as well as ‘90s trends, are going back on stage. Fanny packs, plaid skirt suits and more, many are seen nailing these manias.

The ‘90s clothing has had a quite great influence on the fashion scenario today. Meanwhile, the beauty industry hasn’t been blotted out. Dark lips and bright-hued eye-shadows have already been having the moment of glory this year. While we have witnessed makeup and clothing trends returning, global celebrities are also in love with hairstyles of the ‘90s era.


At this time, the flip-out ‘90s inspired hair has made a comeback and it was an entirely favorite in the old time, just as much as now. The flip was iconic to the point that everybody reached the salon in order to have the style done during the ‘90s.

Things are not different nowadays as stars across the globe are acing the trend.

Priyanka Chopra



First of all, we have actress Priyanka Chopra who breezed through the flip-out hairstyle as she paired it off with the monotone hex ensemble. Carrying a pooch in her embrace, she literally looked just like she walked out of the ‘90s era.

Kim Kardashian


Kim is widely known as a lady that is quick in grabbing and setting trends. She has hardly ever stayed behind the fashion fancy and it seems that she really favors the ‘90s fad.

Kanye West’s wife slays the retro Hollywood hair with an equitably popular ‘90s trend – the famous half ponytail.

Kylie Jenner



Following the footsteps of her big sis, Kylie Jenner also made one beguiling statement with her flip out and half ponytail look. The mom of one definitely loves the mania as she can be seen wearing the same in the birthday collection’s launch.

Cardi B

Cardi B


Cardi B brought a schoolgirl knot and chose two ponytails rather than one as usual. The rapper then had the ends flipped out, giving it the ultimate ‘90s touch.

Sophie Turner


Joe Jonas’s wife managed to make the trendy hairstyle look even more glamorous with just enough the amount of glittery makeup and jewelry.

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Hailey Bieber


What is better than to put on a trend and debut it at the year’s biggest fashion event? Hailey Bieber donned the outward flipped ponytail when she attended 2019 MET Gala while wearing a retro velvet bow. It was certainly a perfect way to nail this very classy trend.

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