7 Reasons Why You Don't Have Healthy Shiny Hair

Hanima Anand |Jul 30, 2020

Do you apply conditioner after shampoo when washing your hair? Do you wash hair often? Unfortunately, a Yes to both questions means No to hair-care experts. See why!

Hair is one of the most important factors to create a good first impression. However, many people are taking it for granted that a regular hair-washing routine with shampoo and conditioner is enough.

These are 7 hair-washing mistakes that you should correct from now.

1 – Washing hair too often

We understand it’s hard to refrain from washing your hair with shampoo daily, especially in the weather of India. However, using shampoo daily can make your hair dry as it removes oil which keeps hair moisturized.

Hair Washing Tips 1
Using shampoo twice a week is recommended by medical experts.

To avoid this, you can wash hair with water only for several times a week and only apply shampoo twice. This is highly recommended by medical experts to prevent damage to your hair.

2 – Applying shampoo before hair gets wet completely

Similar to the first hair-washing mistake we mentioned above, using shampoo before getting your hair completely wet is counter-productive. Instead, you should rinse your hair carefully for one minute or more so that it is wet from top to bottom. Any residue on the hair can also be removed when you rinse it.

Once your hair is totally wet, you won’t need to use much shampoo while the substance can lather more easily.

3 – Applying conditioner after shampoo

What, isn’t it the right hair-washing procedure? No, for many hair types.

Hair Washing Tips 2
Using conditioner before shampoo gets you shiny, not greasy hair.

Most people apply hair conditioners after using shampoo but research proves a reverse routine is more effective for the majority of hair types. Using conditioner in the end may make your hair look greasy but applying it first will get you more healthy and shiny hair.

4 – Applying shampoo to the end and conditioner to the scalp

It’s not difficult to understand why this practice makes damage to your hair. Shampoo helps to remove dirt and oils on your hair while conditioner adds moisture to it.

The roots of your hair are the oiliest and the end is the driest part. This means you should apply shampoo to the scalp instead of the end of your hair to avoid making your hair end even drier and prone to damage.

By contrast, applying conditioner to the scalp makes it oilier and slows down the hair growth. Your hair and the end part need moisturizing, remember to put more conditioner on them.

5 – Scrubbing the scalp with nails

This should be stopped immediately as it could cause abrasions as well as scalp infections. Hair can only grow healthily if their roots are well taken care of. When you scrub your hair vigorously with your nails, your hair may suffer from tangles, breakage or weakened follicles.

Hair Washing Tips 3
Please gently massage your scalp in lukewarm water to protect your hair roots!

Recommendations are just gently massaging your hair roots with your fingers.

6 – Washing hair with hot water

Hair becomes more fragile when it’s wet, and hot water makes things even worse. Washing your hair in hot water weakens your hair roots, causing breakage and hair falls.

This doesn’t mean you should use cold water for hair-washing. Use lukewarm water for the best result! It can help your hair absorb moisturizing substances easily while insuring it against possible damage during the process.

7 – Brushing wet hair

As we said earlier, wet hair is extremely fragile. Brushing your hair when it’s still wet can easily break it. You can notice more hair fall after brushing wet hair compared to normal dry brushing, right?

Wait for your hair to dry naturally and gently brush it.

These are 7 most common mistakes in the hair-washing procedure that prevent you from having healthy and shiny hair. If you find this post useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends!

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