Relationship Status On Social Media: What You Need To Care Before Sharing

Ankita Chetana |Mar 22, 2020

Many people want to publicize their relationship status on social media, however, you need to consider clearly as there are some reasons you shouldn't share it.

You will feel happy when entering a relationship or your love life becomes more romantic. This emotion makes you want to share your relationship status on social media to express your happiness. In the time of technology development. it's not difficult to do it, however, is it always true?

Relationship Status
Is it always right to publish on relationship status on social media?

Social media is a double-edged sword that can either lift your romance to heaven or break it into fragments. Thus, before publishing your relationship status on social media, pay attention to these things to prepare the best.

  • Agreement from your partner

Ask Your Partner Before Publishing
Discuss with your partner to know if he/she agrees to publish the two's relationship

A relationship is built from two people so whenever making a decision related to it, you have to ask your partner's opinion. If they don't want to open up about the status, don't follow what you want and worsen the situation.

  • Consider using social media

Criticism On Your Relationship Via Social Media
Your relationship may get troubles when your social friends like to judge your actions

As what we have talked about, social media isn't always good when every platform contains various users. There are some people who just like to get your dirty laundy and judge whatever you bring to social media. Just be careful!

  • Do under another force

It means that you don't volunteer or prefer to publish your relationship status on social media while you just follow your partner's desire when they feel insecure. Remember that this is your relationship and you are also the one who owns a voice. Your partner's force will throw a burden and pressure into you. You don't need to prove your loyalty and love on social media if you don't want to.

  • Notice your family and friends

Set Boundary With Friends And Family
Set a strong boundary with your nosy friends and family when it comes to announcing your relationship on social media

Prior to going live about the two's status, make sure that you don't include your nosy friends and family in the visibility of the status. They are so inquisitive that you won't know what will come to your relationship one day.

  • Relationship period

You need to check your partner's side and ensure how long they commit to you. Until you are certain that the two are serious about this linkup, you can freely update your status.

To make you aware of your partner's love, watch the video below:


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