12 Zodiac Signs Ranked From Who Loves Hardest And Leaves Easiest (Part 2)

Bindhiya Nhi |Aug 23, 2019

Astrology reveals whether or not you fall in and out of love at a speed of light. Find out your love style based on this love scale of 12 zodiac signs.

Some zodiac signs get emotionally attached to their lovers as soon as they start dating. Even if this relationship does not last, they still love their next partner the same way.

In contrast, other zodiac signs fall in and out of love at the speed of light. When they get bored, they call it quits without hesitation and move on to find someone else.

Have you ever wondered which type of lover are you? Find out where you are on this scale of love, ranked from ones who love the hardest to ones who leave the easiest.

7. Virgo

Zodiac Signs In Love 1

A Virgo approaches most relationships from a very analytical position, letting your thoughts dominate your feelings. However, when you find someone you trust, you fall hard in love because you feel safe.

It takes time for one person to break down your walls and meets your expectations. If your partner cannot gain trust from you, they will never be a chapter of your life. You are fear of getting hurt, so you would rather walk away first.

8. Aquarius

Zodiac Signs In Love 2

Being an Aquarius, opening up and letting people in is not in your nature. People cannot read you because you tend to keep a distance from others. It does not mean that you do not want to love; you are just looking for someone who can fully understand your view on life and your free-spirit.

Moreover, you are likely to cherish your independence over your partner. If they cannot provide you enough alone time or try to restrain your freedom, you quickly lose your interest and give up on this love.

9. Leo

Zodiac Signs In Love 4

Born under the fifth house of lovers and romance, you adore everything that has do with love. You quickly fall for someone, and others also find you attractive and irresistible. In a relationship, you give all of yourself without caring about receiving the same from your partner.

As a Leo, you have high standards because you only want to have the best. Although you are already in a relationship, you will still have one foot out the door and look for a better match.

10. Gemini

Zodiac Signs In Love 5

As an air sign, Gemini never wants to stay tranquil in a relationship. You genuinely love hard, but you also like to keep your options open. You might love someone passionately, and then you always wonder if they are the right person for you.

Nothing scares you more than a predictable life. You dislike the stability in a relationship because it means boredom. If you are pinned down too much, you will quickly break up with your partner to protect your sense of adventure.

11. Aries

Zodiac Signs In Love 3

A part of you craves a romantic and passionate love, but the other one cherishes your independence, space, and freedom. You love to have someone by your side in your adventures, but you are not afraid to keep heading on your path alone either.

Once you are attached to someone, you love with a fiery passion. However, that flame of love is likely to burn out quickly. You prefer living life on the fast lane, not settling down with the same person every day.

12. Sagittarius

Zodiac Signs In Love 6

Being the one who leaves the easiest on this scale does not mean you love someone half-heartedly. You have an insatiable lust for life, craving for new experiences more than for love. Your fear of a routine leads to your fear of being in a relationship.

Many find you attractive and enjoyable, but also tricky to capture. You can fall head over heels for someone, but then you will run away before getting too close with them. In conclusion, commitment is never your thing.


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