What's Good About Coronavirus Lockdown? 6 Positive Sides Of Quarantine That You Do Not Realize

Bhavna Acharya |Apr 17, 2020

Despite the shadow of coronavirus outbreak, there are still some positive sides of quarantine that you might not realize. It is just sometimes we need to step back to see the whole picture. If not now, then when?

It’s been more than 3 months since the wave of coronavirus swept all over the world and 3 weeks since the whole of India was put under lockdown. With more than 2M confirmed cases, 147K deaths, one-third of the world population spending social isolation and an enormous economic loss, the coronavirus pandemic is definitely one of the worst crises of the 21 century. However, as we have got enough of the losses and negativities, there are also the positive sides of quarantine that you will never have without a coronavirus outbreak. 

Save Money Buying Home
Positive sides of quarantine: Being under lockdown help you spend less money on the nonessentials

Coronavirus is good for your wallet 

Although the economic loss is visible, let’s be honest that we’re saving more money than usual. As we spend less money on non-essential services like eating out, going shopping or going to the cinema, we started to realize that there are so many things without which you can live well. Less is more. Try to keep up with the healthy spending habits even when the pandemic is over.

India Himalaya Positive Quarantine
Parts of India are now able to see the Himalaya for the first time after decades

It is also good for the environment

For the first time over the past 30 years, we can now see the Himalayan from parts of India. It shows a clear sign that the environment is less polluted than it used to be. No traffic, no trains or planes, no tourism so there is no carbon emission. Meanwhile, in Sardinia, Italy, more dolphins have been seen around the harbors as there are no ferries. This is a message from nature that we are able to slow down climate change as long as we are really serious about it. 

Family Game
Having more time for family is one of the positive sides of quarantine

More valuable time with family

For those who have been up to the neck in work all of the time, quarantine is a rare and great chance to strengthen your bond with family members, including your spouse, parents and especially your kids. You started to realize that your parents have been growing older than you thought and the time you guys share together is running out. After all, it is not your work or money but the valuable moment with family is the thing that matters.  

Bollywood Celebrities Cooking Positive Quarantine
Everyone including Bollywood celebs is now turning into chefs during the lockdown

It allows you to take up new habits

Do you agree that the quarantine challenged the inner chef inside of you?  As we spend more than at home, we can take up with new habits (or some old ones that we gave up on due to the busy schedule.) You also have more time to finish a book you bought a few months ago, doing some DIY things as all businesses are shut, refreshing your house, doing yoga or practicing meditation. 

Work From Home Effectively
Working from home has been popular as the coronavirus outbreak happens

Quarantine changes the way we work

A few months ago, remote learning or working seemed to be impossible for most of the world population. However, amid the massive quarantine which shows no sign of ending, everyone is getting used to working or learning from home and it actually works!

Positive Sides Of Quarantine
Sometimes you need to put it to a stop to review your life

Self-isolation is the golden chance for self-reflection

It is! Although it sounds a bit impractical, you’re investing more time for yourself than ever which allows you to take a look inside of you, review your life, relationships and plan your future. Sometimes you should give it a pause and look back to see what you do, where you are and who you want to be to make sure that you’re on the right track.

Although it’s hard to get through, there are still some positive sides of quarantine that you might not realize. It is just sometimes we need to step back to see the whole picture. If not now, then when?

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