Your Past Love Journey Can Reveal About You More Than You Think

Kimmy Karima |Jul 19, 2019

Each of us has had a romantic journey we call “past”. That past may reveal a lot about yourself, because it was you who made the choices, right?

Every person has their own footprint in their relationship. Therefore, one’s past romantic journey can tell a lot about him/her as an individual, with all the good, the bad and the ugly.

The never-solo type

The never-solo type may be lovely but unstable.

These people are charismatic. They seem to be the potentially perfect lover. But be careful, because they don’t take your feelings to their heart. Once the honeymoon phase ends, they may have their eyes on someone else. Then, they’ll find a new person to be with, right after you are tired of being in such a feeble kind of love.

The good: Their loveliness and good personality.

The bad: Their fear of being lonely.

The ugly: Their lack of efforts to keep a relationship.

The wallflower type

The wallflower type seemingly can’t build a good romance.

This type almost always goes alone, but not by choice. Apparently, they can’t build a stable relationship. They like to attract the opposite sex’s attention, but one they get it, they become tired or scared. So, finding someone to love is not a problem for them, but keeping someone by their side is. Maybe it’s because the one they like most is themselves.

The good: They don’t take too much of your time.

The bad: They don’t understand what they really want.

The ugly: They won’t even try to keep love alive.

The family type

Family-oriented people want to settle down.

Exactly like the name suggests, these people are family-oriented. To them, love means long-term commitment. They may even constrain their own desire to wait for the love of their life before having sex. In this age of online dating, this type is quite rare to find.

The good: Their high sense of commitment.

The bad: The routine may tire you out.

The ugly: Their fear of changes.

The playboy type

Some people just want to play games in love.

These people’s journeys are series of meetings and dates. They give a piece of their hearts to each person they’re interested in. They can fall in love very fast, but they can’t stay in love. This type always looks for the next target, even when they have a partner already.

The good: Love can be exciting.

The bad: Very low sense of commitment.

The ugly: Their unfaithfulness.


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