Mouni Roy's Fitness Secrets To Have And Maintain A Perfect Body

Salena Harshini |Mar 24, 2020

These are Mouni Roy's cues in order to have and keep a fit body while also having to cope with a packed work schedule.

The career Mouni Roy has established herself is an inspirable journey with highs only. From appearing on television as a supporting role to becoming among the most adored TV actresses, she is now also a known Bollywood name with some of the most exciting projects in her lineup.

Her latest films were the Rajkummar Rao starrer Made in China and Akshay Kumar’s acclaimed film Gold in which she played a pivotal character.

Mouni Roy is one of the most desirable actresses

Not only with talents but Mouni Roy also makes a strong impression with her ideal body and glowing skin. To this, she is a known gym enthusiast and the actress has a strict exercise thrill in order to be fit from the inside out.

Check out the fitness secrets unveiled by gorgeous actress Mouni here.

Live healthy

The first advice from the healthiest actress of Bollywood is that one should sleep on time, eat healthily and have healthy habits for a fit body.

Make sure to have a healthy lifestyle

Keep hydrated

It’s an important part that every diet has. Mouni Roy drinks water a lot in order to keep her system clean.

Home-cooked food

Instead of oily food, the star prefers to consume home-cooked food.

Not exaggerating to say that she has the most enviable figure

Vegetables and fruits

Mouni Roy always has vegetables and fruits on her menu. Green plays a pivotal role in maintaining a great bod.

Mouni Roy
Fruits and vegetables are a great go-to choice

Easy and regular workout

Not only at the gym, but Mouni Roy also loves to work out at home. With regular and easy sessions, such as dancing, she makes sure to carry it out once a day.

We are in awe with this beauty

Pilates and yoga

Mouni Roy's workout routine includes both pilates and just the right amount of yoga.

She assures to keep a regular exercise plan

While pilates keeps the strength of her muscles, yoga boosts her flexibility and she often does yoga at home when there is no time for the gym.

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