More Romance, Less Money With 20 Cheap Date Ideas For Couples

Priyansh Ha |Apr 03, 2019

Love is priceless, but fancy dinners are pricey!

Dating is not only about expensive tickets and fancy dinners. These classic date ideas work, but with a large budget. To all couples especially who are in a long-term relationship, it’s essential to keep your chemicals by going on a date with more romance and less money. Our list below meet all your requirements, scroll down to pick some.


1. Set A Bonfire

A bonfire is all you need for a perfect beach date night. Bring along some wood and matches, set them on fire and done! What can be cosier than a flickering flame and two beating hearts on a chilly night!


2. Visiting A Museum

It’s super cheap, or even free to visit a museum. It will be interesting spending time together on cultures.


3. Relaxing On A Poolside

Forget everything about this world! It’s just two of you lying on a poolside with a book and some drinks. The simplest recipe for a summer day is right here.


4. A Ferry Ride

It’s water again but with a broader view. With an opened view, your hearts will get ready to open too.


5. Relieving Stress With Home-based Spa

Having a low-budget spa experience right at your home, why not? Picks a few scented candles, soothing massage oil and a bath full of bubble and here you go. A private, relaxing and comfortable space will make you feel like there are only two of you on this world.


6. Karaoke Night

If you’re looking for a chilling night out, karaoke is a great option. It will be so much fun, even when you can only sing with the top of your lung.


7. Go Stargazing

What can be more romantic than a couple under a sky full of stars? Find a good location which is far away from city light, lay down a blanket and look up to admire the beauty of the universe. If you get trouble with finding constellations, look for guidance from the Star Tracker app.


8. Hobby Swap

Why don’t you just sit down and spend times sharing hobbies to each other? It’s a great chance to get to know more about your partner as well as to learn something new. It can be about everything you like from music, sports to gardening.


9. Attending A Reading

If both of you keen on reading, a local bookshop or library will be the ideal place for a date.


10. Go Bowling

Call your close friends and team up for competitions. Bowling never let anyone down, even the loser.


11. Spending Time On Water

An adventurous couple will love to spend their time together with a canoe, kayak or paddle boat.


12. Enjoy The Carnival

You will feel like the main characters in a romantic film walking hands in hands in a carnival. It’s as sweet cotton candy. Don’t miss the chance of going on a Ferris wheel when coming to a carnival.


13. Have A Wine and Cheese Night

Sit down together with a bottle of wine and snacks, pick up your favourite films or a TV show. That’s all you need for a usual cosy night when all your stress of the day is the relief.


14. Sweat Together

Yes, hitting the gym together can be considered as a date. Who doesn’t want to have his girlfriend as the workout partner? Now you have more reasons to hit the gym more frequently.


15. Strategic Cooking

Instead of spending a bunch of money on a luxury restaurant, you can have a great dinner at home. It’s not about good dishes but the effort and the time you guys have spent together which make your meal more tasty than any restaurant in the world.


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