Moon Sign: Do You Know The Characteristic Of Your Astrological Moon Sign? (Part 1)

Nalini Suri |Jun 13, 2019

There are sun sign (or star sign) and moon sign. Among them, your moon sign reflects the real you, your well-being which stands for your internal characteristic.

While your sun sign decreed the brushstroke of your external self-personality, your moon sign is the one to reveal the real internal you. The moon beams into each sign within around only 2 days, so it becomes a much more variable value of your sign.

Moon Sign1

At the same sun sign, your moon sign will reflect how different you are to the others of the star sign. It deeply reveals the ocean of feelings, emotions, longings, fears, anxieties, and obsessions.

Moon of Aries

In the emotional aspect, you are so dauntless and competitive that you are almost fluttered by bashing a challenge or an encumbrance down. Regularly, you don’t feel patient with other people and life generally. Furthermore, you require lots of boosts and honestly, take action to avoid troubles.

In relationships, your role gets urged to lead, control and dominate your partner. After that, however, you feel fed up with that and desire somebody else to take you on. Certainly, life is never daft.

Moon Sign aries zodiac

Moon of Taurus

In the emotional aspect, you feel necessary to nest in both creating security, safety and stability, and a giant larder to fulfill your physical desires and materials. You pack your whole world at home, protect over your money, stuff and space as well.

In relationships, you would rather a strong connection in physical sides and build up a private world for you and your partner versus the outside world. Because of that, you hold a bit dogmatic and jealous feelings. However, you will lose your rag since then.

Moon Sign taurus zodiac

Moon of Gemini

In the emotional aspect, Geminis totally enjoy a heck of fun like youth, flightiness, craftiness, and flirtatiousness. For them, those kinds of fun are better than feeling something. You always abstract yourself from humdrum life and every day to be an explorer and thrill seeker. Despite your kindness and generousness, some other people still can think that you are a cold person as you don’t deeply express it regularly.

In relationships, in contrast, you are a bored person. You need a partner to adore/ entertain/ flatter/ challenge/ ignore you a mile a minute and in time.

Moon Sign gemini zodiac

Moon of Cancer

In the emotional aspect, the moon rules Cancer, which makes Cancer the heavyweight of the emotion of the zodiac. Having Cancer moon sign means that you are incredibly sympathetic, compassionate, empathetic and psychic. In person, you are so sensitive but warm with a habit of storing stuff.

In relationships, you would prefer to care for other people like a mother and give them your loyalty with undying love when they equally return that to you.

Moon Sign cancer zodiac

To be continued…


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