Measuring Your Confidence And Insecurity, Based On Zodiac Sign Ranking (Part 2)

Mishka Saisha |Aug 14, 2019

Every zodiac sign owns the distinct confidence or insecurity in characteristic. Let's continue to find out which personality trait your sign has!

Have you ever questioned why your friend is outgoing, but you are not? That's because every person owns a distinct zodiac sign with unique confidence as well as insecurity in characteristic.

Let's continue to find out how confident you are, based on our zodiac sign ranking from the most confident to the most insecure below.

7. Taurus

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In Taurus' eyes, intelligence is more valuable than appearance. Therefore, they always want to prove themselves by tending to use big words and act like they have insights on specific topics which they don’t.

Also, Taurus might exaggerate the truth to leave others with impression. That’s how they show the world their way to success.

8. Libra

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Libras has a feeling of excitement only when they obtain recognition from others. They tend to criticize themselves down to get compliments and kind comments from friends.

Besides, this sign wants to show their attractiveness by using dating sites as a tool to check others' interests in them.

9. Gemini

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To impress others, Gemini tends to change themselves to fit the surrounding people and environment.

In particular, they can lie about their eating habits, music idols, or favorite movies to attract their crush. It doesn't mean Gemini is dishonest; they want to seek for others' love and hide their insecurity about their genuine selves.

10. Cancer

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Cancers are frequently sensitive and emotional: they easily overthink and care too much about everything, even there is no big problem.

For example, Cancers can be upset if their date with friends is canceled in the last minute. Or they could get hurt easily if their partner raises the voice with them.

11. Aquarius

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Aquarius does not satisfy with things they already have, and they always try to make it look better. That is how they get a confidence boost.

They try to build a vivid life to make people think their life is easy. A perfect picture with a meaningful caption in a colorful Instagram feed are things that an Aquarius needs to show off their glamorous life.

12. Virgo

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Virgos are too insecure about being a public figure: they are obsessed with the thought of being a fool by saying or doing wrong. That is the reason why they don’t like debates and public speaking.

In Virgos' mind, they always make mistakes. They tend to overthink their errors even in the first dates or any human interactions.


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