Measuring Your Confidence And Insecurity, Based On Zodiac Sign Ranking (Part 1)

Mishka Saisha |Aug 14, 2019

Every zodiac sign owns the distinct confidence or insecurity in characteristic. Let's find out which personality trait your sign has!

Have you ever questioned why your friend is outgoing, but you are not? That's because every person owns a distinct zodiac sign with unique confidence as well as insecurity in characteristic.

Let's find out how confident you are, based on our zodiac sign ranking from the most confident to the most insecure below.

1. Leo

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As an embodiment of confidence, Leo always believes in their way and rarely acknowledges that they are wrong.

They know what they need and deserve, from social relationships, love life to career, and lifestyle. And that is why this zodiac sign doesn’t accept any disrespects to them.

If there is any criticism against them, Leo will decide to walk away.

2. Scorpio

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Scorpios aware their weaknesses and mistakes but in most cases, they are happy with their own life as well as their personality characteristics. It is the outstanding confidence of this Zodiac sign.

Especially, Scorpios can see themselves in the mirror with flaws. However, in their eyes, these are not bad enough for changes.

3. Capricorn

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People usually think Capricorns are arrogant because they consider themselves as the best individuals. But in reality, they know who they are and don’t mind others talking about them.

As a loner, the gossips don’t bother Capricorns at all. They merely think if they are talented and beautiful, why could not others see it? And that feeling brings confidence to Capricorns.

4. Sagittarius

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Criticism causes no problem for Sagittarius, who is confident enough to learn from mistakes instead of suffering from it. They never let haters bother them or change their lifestyle.

Nonetheless, these gossips will appear as jokes when Sagittarius have an informal chat with friends.

5. Pisces

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Pisces could be described as a public figure since they are utterly confident in the crowd. Usually, this zodiac sign is the guy who gives a wedding toast, a speech in the graduation ceremony, or the spotlight at the night party.

However, Pisces tends to feel insecure with negative thoughts when they are alone in the room or at night. At that time, the feeling of self-conscious starts coming to them.

6. Aries


Aries is usually described as a stony heart that nothing could bother them or even hurt them. In fact, behind a mask of steel that hides all their feelings, the zodiac sign is pretty sensitive.

They don’t want people judging them as a loser or weakling. That’s why they hide their fear with tears and act like they don’t fucking care about anything.

Further, Aries intends to tell jokes and sarcasm when they feel upset or insecure; nonetheless, in reality, it's because they want to hide their feelings.

To be continued ...


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