Love Guru: Body Language Reveal How A Woman Is Really Into Man

Ananya Trang |Oct 31, 2019

Sometimes just smiling or touching does not make sure to attract a woman. Understanding the meaning of body language will help men know what women concern.

"Am I misunderstanding her signs, or is she interested by me?" is a common question that numerous men on the threshold of love wonder. Non-verbal language, especially body language, which expresses feelings, attitudes, thoughts, and meanings, plays an essential part in our communication. However, women's body language sometimes does not reflect their real opinions and causes men misconstruction and hope for a relationship.

In this article, we bring you five common body languages that are most likely to cause misunderstandings for men.


Young-Woman-Flirting-With Barman
Watch out if she is suddenly friendly to you!

Joe Navarro, a body language professional and the author of the international bestseller What Every Body Is Saying, says that women's kindness makes a man easy to misreading her signal. Also, Navarro shares multiple women's complaints that some of their civil actions make men misinterpret as green light signals while it is actually because of the “alacrity” in their personality.

Sometimes, these kinds of women love to touch or smile; however, it does not mean that she is flirting or has a big crush on you. Maybe, it is only her real personality.

Lip biting

She may be trying to get your attention with her attractive lips

One of the women’s signs that brings common misinterpretation to men is lip biting. Whether a woman biting her lip is a sign of her interest or not? In reality, she may be merely not deliberate to do like that.

Whenever something bothers or makes women uncomfortable, they tend to bite their lips. That action is not to attract men; it is sometimes an efficient way to release their stress.

Eye contact

You can tell a lot from a woman's eyes

According to Joe, eye contact during a conversation is considered to be the most apparent sign that she has a great affection for you. The way a woman notices or looks at a man when talking can prove that she is likely to be into him.

However, if a woman tends to avoid man’s eyes, it doesn't mean that she has no interest in him; it is merely because of her shyness. But if she keeps looking back on them, it will be entirely a good sign.


Have you ever noticed her preening?

In reality, preening is a popular term to describe birds when they want to attract some mates by cleaning their features or puffing out their chests. It comes no as a surprise that human also does that.

While women preen by making up or touching their hair, men also have their ways to preen like adjusting their posture, fixing their collar, or combing their hair. Therefore, only when someone makes an impression with others, will they preen.

Displaying their weak sides to men

She is implying she needs a strong man to protect

Navarro continues that if a woman shows her weak points to men in their conversation, it means that it is likely to a sign for men about her concern. And they only do like that when they feel genuinely comfortable talking with their surroundings.

In short, it can be said that body language is certainly useful for everyone in speaking, but they also have their two sides, which require women and men to have to explain them exactly.


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