Love Guru: 5 Outdated Dating Rules That You Should Give Up Now

Mishka Saisha |Nov 13, 2019

If you are preparing for a date with someone and looking for some advice, here are five outdated relationship rules that you should give up now for a more satisfying beginning.

If you are preparing for a first date and looking for some advice, don’t skip this post. We will bring you five useless dating rules in love that you should have imposed on yourself for a relationship. Or in other words, here are five outdated things that you should give up for a date.

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Texting Right After The First Date

You might be advised to text back your dating partner three days after the first date if you’re interested in them. And texting right after your first meeting might cause them negative thoughts. This rule is outdated now.

In the latest survey, people said they liked people who genuinely liked them, and they didn’t mind about the time. So, if you are really into someone, express your feelings right away. If they don’t reply as you did, maybe they are not the chosen ones.




Giving A Specific Criteria For Dating

Usually, you put a specific criterion to your dating partner to find who’s best-matched with you. Traditional things like just dating people who have a well-educated background or someone who look a certain way can lead to writing off potentially great matches.

Of course, it’s not all bad, especially helps to avoid stick with bad people in the future. But you need to think twice if setting standards are weeding people out or not.


Waiting For Another

Especially if you are a girl, you have entirely had this advice since the day you knew about love. But the rule is outdated in the 21st century. You should know that women who text firstly on dating sites statistically have more success than men.

Also, it supposedly ends up with more attractive partners if we actively make the first move. Hence, it’s not a matter that you text first or not, be active in your love.


Be Nice With Every Friend Of  Your Partner

Spice Girls have made an outdated rule that you should not follow. If you are dating someone, being friendly with friends of them is a good thing as it will enhance your relationship. But you don’t need to do it if your partner doesn’t do the same. Both of you should respect each other. That’s how a relationship operates.


These mentioned rules could go on and on since nobody can frame yourself. Therefore, do the thing that brings you fun and happiness because you’re entirely doing it in the right way.


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