Indians Make The World Respect For Delivering Mid-day Meal To Kids In Kerala Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

Ankita Chetana |Mar 18, 2020

When coronavirus continues to spread rapidly, the golden hearts from the Anganwadi teachers in Kerala shine up the serious ambiance by affording their students with mid-day meals.

Thousands of people died because of the coronavirus outbreak and several countries have to shut down the borders to control the pandemic. Facing this, many people have been in a hurry to prepare the necessary things for emergency situations. A lot of products have been out of stock in many stores. In India, Kerala was the first place to have positive cases with coronavirus. But rather than fears, the people there give and take some little things, which is called 'sharing' in a vulnerable period.

Coronavirus In India
Medical staff often test citizens' temperature to ensure their health and control the dangerous virus

The Indian government publicized to close all malls, schools, colleges, and the general public places to protect more people from the contagious epidemic. It seems like people are living in despair and isolation. However, hope still blooms in various states of the nation. Citizens have been following the safety guidelines given by the government.

school in india shut down
All schools in India are closed to prevent coronavirus outbreak

Schools in Kerala are off, too. But regardless of not working, the government there still prepared mid-day meals to deliver to all children's homes to ensure their health. The Anganwadi meals supplied by the teachers are nutritious enough to protect the children's healths and support their growth.

Mid Day Meal In Kerala
Anganwadi mid-day meals are full of nutrition for children to grow and keep healthy

When the announcement of shutting down all schools was declared, the government in Kerala was afraid that students might have been hungry. Since then, CM Pinarayi Vijayan requested the Anganwadi teachers to deliver raw or processed food to the students to ensure their nutrition and health.

Anganwadi Teachers Deliver Mid Day Meals
One of the mid-day meals that Anganwadi teachers deliver to their students

The coronavirus outbreak has caused a chaotic space and affected people's lives. Nonetheless, the teachers in Kerala have taken their courage to share the government's concerns with their students. A little action, an enormous love!


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