No One Steal Rs 20,500 On The Street As Fear Of Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory

Bhavna Acharya |May 07, 2020

Thanks to the coronavirus, this man was able to find this money back.

Normally if we lose a rupee on the street, it will vanish in a blink of an eye and there is no way to find it back. But amid the coronavirus outbreak, a man was able to get his Rs 20,500 back which he lost on the street. Yes, it’s hard to believe but no one dared to pick the money. Scroll down for the full story. 

Indian Rupee Notes
Thanks to the coronavirus, a lucky man was able to find his money back

A few days ago, an auto driver in Saharsa named Gajendra Shah was on his way to buy a tin-shed with Rs 25,000 in his pocket. However, while arriving at the shop, he soon realized that Rs 20,500 was missing. According to the man, it must have fallen out on the road when he opened his pocket to take out the tobacco. That made him go back to the road and walk a long way to find his money. 

The man, who was trying to find his Rs 20,500 back on the road felt it was unbelievable that he was able to get it back. He was about to give up on the searching but got informed that his money was seized by the police as it was suspected to be ‘laced with coronavirus’. 

Indian Rupee Notes 2
no one dares to pick anything including money on the road due to the fear of coronavirus threat

In fact, some people found his money on the road, instead of stealing the money, they called the police as fear of the coronavirus spread conspiracy. Since the start of the coronavirus outbreak, people have been saying that exchanging currency notes is also a popular way of coronavirus transmission. As a consequence, they are trying to avoid paying in cash as much as possible.

Meanwhile, India has recorded more than 52,987 confirmed cases with 1785 deaths. The country is still under the lockdown 3.0 which was scheduled to last till Sunday 17th.

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