For Your Healthy And Skinny Self, Say Bye-Bye To These 5 Foods

Kimmy Karima |Jul 20, 2019

Food gives you energy, but some kinds of food do you more harm than good. Read on to know what they are!

Talking about food, “natural” is always better than “processed”. Highly-processed foods are full of the ingredients whose names you can’t even pronounce. They are preservatives, food coloring and many more that our grandparents don’t even consider edible. And you know what, there are foods to avoid for skinny body too!

On the left are some kinds of foods to avoid for skinny body.

That's right! To keep your weight in check, you have to pay even more attention to what you eat. Now, here are the foods to say good-bye to:

Check the ingredient list before you buy your loaf.


Most types of bread sold at stores and supermarkets contain preservatives and something called “bread improver”. They don’t only make your body heavier, but they are also bad for your health. So if your loaves come from stores, remember to read the ingredients. The fewer ingredients, the better. You should also check the fiber content and try to find the types of bread with more fiber. Fiber is necessary for your weight loss diet.

Choose your spreads wisely.


The ingredient lists of most spreads are too long you can’t read thoroughly. That’s because spreads contain many preservatives and emulsifiers. The fat content is also really high. You should only consume organic plant-based spreads, with just a few simple ingredients.

Some kinds of cereals are the unhealthiest foods.


Cereals seem to be one of the best inventions. They give you quick and nutritious breakfasts, don’t they? Actually, many kinds of cereals are considered unhealthy, due to high levels of cholesterol, fat and sugar. A homemade breakfast with oats or quinoa and fresh fruits is much, much better.

Breaded chicken is full of fat.

Breaded chicken and fish

Lean chicken and fish are good in a weight loss diet. But when they are covered with flour or breadcrumbs then deep-fried, they become “fat food”.

Plain yogurt is the best!

Sweetened yogurt

Yogurt is wonderfully healthy unless the manufacturers add sugar to it. Besides a high amount of sugar, sweetened and flavored yogurt are chock-full of colorings and flavorings. So, buy plain yogurt (or make your own) and add fresh fruits and/or nuts. Yummy!


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