India Lockdown Diary: People Are Doing Good & Bad

Ankita Chetana |Mar 27, 2020

If you are staying at home and wonder how the other people are doing, these photos will show that many Indians are giving a hand in the combat against coronavirus.

On March 24th, the Indian government announced the 21-day coronavirus lockdown over the country. This move is considered as the biggest lockdown throughout the world when over 1.3 billion Indian citizens are forced to stay in. Besides the controversial images of coronavirus quarantine in India, some of these following pics will help you have another view of this country when people are seriously social distancing.

1 Social Distancing
People implemented safe social distancing when lining up outside a store

New Delhi - On the first day of nationwide coronavirus lockdown, people line up in designated positions to keep a regulated social distance outside an outlet of Mother Dairy at Pandav Nagar. On the same day, markets all over India were swarmed with people who stocked necessities to prepare for a long time of staying in ahead.

2 crowded market
A series of rickshaws in front of a market to stock up

New Delhi - Long queues of auto rickshaws at a street to stock up supplies, e-commerce and food deliverymen rush from the early time. They don't seem to be aware of what was permitted even though the order sometimes got back by the evening.

indians carry LPG
An LPG gas cylinder was carried home as people fear of lacking it for the next weeks

Mumbai - People transport an LPG gas cylinder home to prepare for the time of lockdown. Ram Vilas Paswan - the Union food minister - ensured that the government was controlling the essential commodity availability in the stores. He also gave a warning to all traders and manufacturers not to profiteer during this difficult period.

Police's announcement with a loudspeaker
Police on a rickshaw to announce that commodities are always available

Patna - A policeman went around by an e-rickshaw to announce people with a loudspeaker. The union home ministry has been monitoring the rumors spreading about the lack of commodities and necessities. Since then, the administration and government have to maintain people's calmness and explain the country's possibility to supply them well.

Stranded travellers in Jammu
Stranded workers/laborers on their long way back to their villages/towns

Jammu - Castaway migrant workers on the way back to home. It is a long way when public transports such as buses and trains are being limited and suspended. Daily-paid laborers also suffer the same situation and they all are uncertain to come back to their homes. Another difficulty they have met is accommodation and food supply when they don't get paid any more in the next three weeks.

Indira Gandhi International (IGI) airport
The deserted scenery of IGI airport departure terminal

Indira Gandhi International (IGI) airport - All flights to overseas or other places in India have been canceled. The airport departure terminal looks totally left in the lurch and empty without any appearance.

social distance at store
Social distancing remains outside a grocery

New Delhi - a scene of purchasing at a grocery at Minto Road. Shop administration and owners all over India followed the safety guidelines of the government and applied some different measures. They required customers to wear masks, design stranding spots outside the shop with a certain social distance. After rushing to stock up on Tuesday evening, not many people reached stores for purchasing in the capital.

Mumbai-Pune Expressway
No more toll collection on Mumbai-Pune Expressway during the coronavirus lockdown in India

Pune - A picture of the Mumbai-Pune Expressway (or called Yashwantrao Chavan Expressway) in the time of the nationwide coronavirus lockdown. On March 25th, the government announced the temporary suspension of toll collection on every highway throughout the nation. This action aims at maximizing the convenience for critical and emergency cases amidst the ongoing coronavirus spread.

social distancing in Mumbai
Citizens in Mumbai also follow social distancing with marked spots

Mumbai - People queue in marked standing positions outside a grocer in Andheri. Due to the rise of people's demands on supplies, many items' prices also rose including grains, vegetables, and fruits. Harassment of deliverymen was reported by police and cargo movements were affected by restrictions, leading to the cancelations of placed orders through online retailers.

Mumbai streets
Empty streets around Mumbai's CST area

Mumbai - Streets are empty on Wednesday. Within 5 days, the reported number of infected cases in India took a big leap from 200 to 600. The number could climb up if testing more people. Amongst 606 cases, 10 people were dead, 42 people got recovered and discharged from hospitals while the remaining is still undergoing treatment.

Social distancing, rushing to stock up reflected the attitude of Indian citizens in the time of the 21-day nationwide coronavirus lockdown.

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