LOVE Guru: 6 Signs Warning You Are Messing Up Your Relationship

Advika Hue |Aug 15, 2019

Want to find out whether you are sabotaging your relationship? Check out these signs.

Have you ever been in a romantic relationship that is going great but you don’t want to take it to the next level? Maybe it’s because you are not ready yet, or maybe you are self-sabotaging your relationship.

Here are some of the most common signs of self-sabotage in a relationship, let’s see if you have any of them.

Signs of self-sabotage (Source: Gettyimages)

You are avoiding commitment

You always prepare a way out of your relationship before it gets more serious. You avoid things like meeting your partner’s parents or moving in with him or her. You don’t want any commitment because it only makes it harder for you to end your relationship if anything goes wrong.

You break up with your partner too easily

You repeatedly get bored after a while and end your relationship for even the smallest reason just to find a new one. You don’t like the idea of committing or settling down with anyone, you break up with your partner so often that even your friends have to wonder why.

Avoiding commitment is a sign of self-sabotage (Source: gettyimages)

You are over-controlling your partner

You get jealous easily and always think that your partner is cheating on you with someone else. So you try to control them to make sure they don’t. You demand your partner to always be in touch, reply to your text instantly when you’re not around them, or even ask them to send proof that they are not doing anything wrong to you. These relationships usually don’t have a happy ending because your partner can't stand your unreasonable control.

You’re never satisfied with your partner

Although you know very well that no one can be perfect, you still want your partner to be so. And if they are not, you criticize them for everything they do, from the way they talk to the outfit they choose. It seems that pleasing you is an impossible thing for your partner.

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You don’t want to face the problems

You don’t want to think that there is any problem with your relationship, so you simply just deny all of them. Even when your partner says that you’re having a serious issue, rather than facing it together and figure out a solution, you keep convincing your self and your partner that everything is still perfect. And of course, you two end up breaking up with each other.

You cheat on your partner

Having sex with someone else is also a sign of relationship self-sabotage. You’re not doing it because you enjoy it, but because you want your partner to find out and break up with you.

You always degrade yourself

You constantly compare yourself to your partner and say you’re not as good as them. And no matter how your partner tell you how great you are, you still keep dragging yourself down, until your partner gives up and leave you.

You can get rid of self-sabotage with therapy help (Source: Twitter)

These are just some of the signs that show you might be self-sabotaging your relationship. If you are having troubles with self-sabotage and you want to end it for good, you should consider seeking help from a professional therapist or a close friend who is good at listening and giving advice. You need to be true to yourself and understand that it’s completely okay to get help from others.


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