If You Still Do These Stupid Things, No Wonder Why You Are "Forever Alone"

Salena Harshini |Jun 23, 2019

It is strange that while other people find love so easily, you have been on your own all these years. So what is the cause?

Have you ever wondered why it’s so easy for people around you to find love, while it takes you so long to find the perfect person for yourself? Everything seems to be even more unreasonable when you are not bad-looking, you’re not bad at communication and you have a stable job.

If that’s your situation right now, maybe it’s about your attitude and perspective on love, or it’s because of some inherent habits that you don't assume to have much influence.

Here are 6 common reasons and solutions:

1. Your life has no room for love


You know you're ready for love and commitment with someone for a lifetime, but you can easily refuse a date just because you are busy doing the shift... On weekends, instead of dressing up to go out, you are busy taking care of your nieces and nephews or staying at home to help your parents...

Immediately drop that habit. If you want to be loved, please love yourself first.

If you do not express your state of mind and take the initiative to seize the opportunity, love will forever be outside the trajectory of your life.

2. You cannot forget the old flames


You want to find new love, a person that is more suitable for you, someone you deserve. But even while you’re with them, you just can’t get the image your ex out of your mind, regardless of whether they are sweet memories or solely pain.

At these times, you have to ask yourself a question, why do you do that to yourself and to the new person?

Remember no matter how good your ex was, the past is the past. What you need to embrace now is the present. You have to open up and give your heart a chance. If you have broken up, make it definite! If you have chosen to be with the new person, love them wholeheartedly.

3. You just like staying at home


You make every possible excuse not to set a foot outside of the house, from “The weather is not nice”, to “I’m tired today”, “I’m not in the mood”… Then, you sit there sorrowfully when everyone else all goes out and you are the only one left at home.

It’s a big world out there. If you don’t step outside, you may miss out on your destiny.

No one can deny the joy of staying at home wrapping in a blanket, turning on the air conditioner and watching movies. But you have to know that if you just lock yourself in the room all day long, the only thing you can date is your refrigerator. Good guys and interesting guys are out there beyond your closed door.

4. You don’t care about taking care of your looks


If you don’t dress properly when going outside, then no matter how pretty you are, others’ impression of you can’t ever get better. They will assume that you don’t respect yourself, therefore lose the interest in getting to know you.

You see, inner beauty is truly important, yet it does not mean you can totally forget to take care of your external self. Aren't the chances of going to double when you possess both advantages?

No need to put on high-end or overly revealing clothes, just simply dress in the aptest style of yourself and most suitable with the place you’re coming to. A little lipstick, a little perfume, and things are going to turn out greater.

5. You are too dependent on your parents’ words


One of the most common reasons you can't find love sometimes comes from your loved ones. You like a person but your parents don't, maybe it’s because of his hometown, of that person's job... And you don't know what else to do but listen to them.

After all, remember, it is your life for you to decide.

The opinions of parents are important but sometimes, it is only for reference because after all, our parents' views and ours cannot match 100%. If you love and trust the person you love, be strong to fight for that love, let him or her prove to your parents that your choice is correct!

6. You don't like to change and to try new things


You are pretty, cute, independent but you have the habit of not trying new things. You just like hanging out with friends in your familiar shops, calling familiar drinks, watching familiar film genres. That's why when you look around, there are only the familiar faces you have known for your entire life.

In fact, the solution is really simple. You just need to tell yourself that it’s a very short life. If you don't try all as many things in the world as possible, later you will bath in a pool of regrets.

They are somewhere waiting for you.

Step out of your comfort zone, join new communities, get acquainted with new people, you will witness your mind to expand. The world is so big, the people are so crowded, who knows, maybe your other half is waiting for you in a place you can't foretell?


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