Your Favorite Posture While Sleeping Reveals Your Personality Traits While Awaking

Kimmy Karima |Aug 30, 2019

Even the way you lie down in bed can show something about your personality. Remember what your favorite sleeping posture is? See what it tells about you!

Apparently everything you do reveals something about you. That means, even when you don’t seem to do anything, like when you’re sleeping! No, we aren’t talking about how you breathe or how you snore, we’re aiming at your sleeping posture!

In fact, there are quite a large number of studies about sleep and its link to health. But some experts even reach the psychology field and have stated that your sleeping position can disclose some of your characteristics. Interesting enough? Now think of your favorite sleeping posture and read below to know what kind of person you are!

Cuddling and hugging

Hugging something may makes you fall asleep more easily./Photo: GettyImages.

If you like to cuddle in bed and always have to hold on to someone (your partner!) or something (a bolster, a teddy bear etc.), you may be the best person to be with. Your partner is a lucky one during the cold days, because they will feel your warmth every time they lay down to sleep.

The great thing is that, while not asleep, you’re a warm person too. You’re also always thankful for those in your life and treat them with admiration and respect, because you know that they’re making each day of yours better.

Lying straight

You have such an earnest sleeping posture!

What if you like to lie straight, which means, on your back, legs straight, arms straight along your body, like you’re preparing for a stretching session? This posture says that you’re a quiet and serious person. Though you don’t talk much, every word you say has some value.

You think before you speak and you keep every promise you make. So you’re a great friend whom others can rely on. Since you have strict self-discipline like that, you expect others to live the same way. Which, honestly, is a bit scary to some people.

Taking the whole bed

You want the whole bed, don't you?

No bed is too big for you, because you like to take up space. You sleep on your back, with your arms and legs wide open. Oh don’t have erotic thoughts yet! In fact, you always stretch out your arms and legs as far and long as you can. Like a kid who has had to stand all day and now is so happy to have a chance to lie down.

Though you may annoy your partner much at night (in case you share your bed with him/her), you are not as annoying during the day. You’re honest, sincere and optimistic. You can patiently listen to your friends when they need to vent, and can surely lift their mood up when they’re down.

Sleeping like a baby

This is also called the fetal position.

Or more precisely, you lie down like a little baby. Which means, you sleep on your side, curl up your arms and legs to yourself. You don’t take up much space with this sleeping posture, and actually you also curled up similarly when you were inside your mother’s belly.

This posture reveals that you are a sentimental and softhearted person. No matter how tough you appear on the surface, deep down you’re really gentle and sweet. You’re actually a bit sheepish too, except when being with those you love the most, like your family and close friends.

Keeping your hands up

What if your hands are always over your head?

You sleep on your back, with your arms up over your head, your hands may or may not touch each other. Yes, so what? It says that you’re a special person, because not many sleep in a position like that. Anyway, the posture also reveals that you have a strong personality.

Being straightforward, generous and protective, you’re a gem to your loved ones, because you try beyond your might to keep them safe and pleased, all the time if possible. You’re also family-oriented and highly appreciate your relationships. Which makes people just love you more.


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