Handy Tips For Travelholics: How To Pack A Suitcase Properly To Maximize Its Capacity

Hanima Anand |Mar 21, 2020

Though travelling activities should be limited during this time of coronavirus outbreak, you can note down these handy tips a travelholic must know. See how to pack your suitcase properly to prepare the best for your trip!

For some people, packing is simply putting all clothes or anything they need into a suitcase, then lock it. But how can you pack all the stuff you need for an entire week abroad into a limited space most effectively? Understanding that, Starbiz.com introduces you the tips on how to pack a suitcase properly to maximize its capacity below!

Man Packing Luggage At Airport
You don't want to fall in this situation at the airport, right?

Our tips range from how to choose the most suitable suitcase for your trip, how to remove your unnecessary stuff out of your luggage and how to pack them all in a suitcase. Here we go!

Which suitcase to choose for your trip?

Before knowing how to pack a suitcase effectively, let's learn how to buy you a suitable suitcase first!

Well, the fact is the more space you have, the more things you bring. Do you remember the last time you traveled with too many things and you didn’t use all of them during your trip?

Opt for a hard-sided suitcase which is no more than 22 inches tall (~56 cm). Your suitcase should also have a structured shell so you can’t cramp more things than it can carry.

Priyanka Chopra Suitcase
See that? PeeCee and hubby can put all their clothes into a hardshell carry-on!

With this type of suitcase, you can turn it into carry-on luggage and travel easily on any transport.

How many clothes to bring along?

For any trip, even the week-long, you should follow the rule of 5-4-3-2-1 when choosing clothes to bring.

No more than 5 sets of socks or 5 underwear.

No more than 4 tops.

You should bring 3 bottoms, 2 pairs of shoes and 1 hat as well.

How To Pack A Suitcase Properly
Follow the rule of 5-4-3-2-1 and you can pack them all like a pro!

This rule can be adapted to the type of vacation you go on. For example, you can take two swimsuits if you plan to go to the beach or exercise gear for physical activities.

When done with the rules, think again.

Remove all the things “just in case you need it.” Only bring stuff you will need. Even when you forget to bring something, you can buy it at the destination.

How to pack your suitcase properly?

Now it’s time to brainstorm ways to make use of every inch in your suitcase. Fill your shoes with socks and put them heel to toe in a plastic bag. Place them at the bottom of your suitcase.

To pack your clothes, you can refer to these methods:

Roll your clothes to minimize possible wrinkles and maximize your suitcase.

How To Pack A Suitcase Rolling Clothes
Rolling clothes is an army packing technique.

Buy compact packing cubes to keep your clothes in order

Adopt bundle technique. You wrap each article of clothing around a central core, placing your undies and T-shirts at the center while other items like dresses on the outside.

Next come the toiletries.

You should have a separate toiletry kit for travelling so you won’t forget toothbrush or any bathroom product.

Keep them all in a clear bag or box and place it on top of your suitcase. This can avoid you troubles in case you need to unpack it at the airport.

Toiletry Bag For Travelling
Get one toiletry bag for travelling so you will never forget toothbrush again!

So, these are all the essential tips of how to pack a suitcase properly for travelholics. Don’t just pack your luggage and go. Pack it smartly like a pro to enjoy the best of your trip with Starbiz.com!

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