How To Sleep Fast And Deeply? Say Goodbye To Insomnia & Stress During Pandemic!

Salena Harshini |Jun 05, 2020

Our 15 methods for a fast snooze will help you pay off your sleep debt and help you have much more energy for a brand new day.

As there have been more and more things that keep us up at night, we have carried out a small research on how to sleep fast and relax more thoroughly. You cannot force yourself to fall asleep but you can try to put yourself there with these 15 useful tips.

1. Enjoy staying in bed

It might sound obvious and simple, but this is actually overlooked very often. W. Christopher Winter, Charlottesville Neurology and Sleep Medicine's president, urges that instead of caring too much about how fast we fall asleep, we should enjoy being in bed, the completely quiet, comfortable, and responsibility-free moment of the day.

How To Sleep Fast
The very first thing is to put your phone down!

2. Put the devices down

Although surfing on Instagram, Facebook may be a favorite unwinding activity of many, exposing the eyes to blue light would make you more sleepless.

If you cannot stand staying away from your devices, wearing blue light glasses upon using them would be a smart choice.

3. Take a warm shower or bath

Researches pointed out that having a warm shower or bath about one to two hours before going to bed is one of the most ideal ways on how to sleep fast. To be exact, you will fall asleep 36% faster than usual.

how to sleep fast Warm Bath
A warm bath or shower will make you feel more stress-relieved

4. Meditate before bedtime

Sleep expert Breus shares that you can unwind by taking the hour before bed to meditate and relax intentionally. If you think you are horrible at both of those, consider making use of an app.

how to sleep fast Meditate Before Bed
Try meditating to calm yourself

5. Keep your feet and hands cozy

"Cold hands and feet can make it difficult to fall asleep," confirmed by scientists. It is totally uncomfortable to wear gloves to bed, and you can take fuzzy socks into consideration as they are warm and comfy.

6. Keep consistent waketimes and bedtimes accommodate sufficient sleep.

It is 100% sure that your body clock also likes routine. Having to constantly adapt to capricious wake and bedtimes make it much more difficult to fall asleep.

7. It’s okay to have a little snack

Well, not just every snack. Experts share that a slight 250-calorie snack containing 70% carbs may help you sleep faster.

how to sleep fast Bedtime Snack
How to sleep fast? Some healthy snack before bed would do

You can have banana, hummus, dark chocolate, pretzels, cheese and crackers, turkey and pickle wraps, walnut...

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8. Get some exercise

Moving your body not only contributes to a healthy, happy life but also boosts better sleep. According to sleep educator Terry Cralle,

"Exercise does wonders for sleep and sleep does wonders for exercise—you will have more energy and be more motivated."

Even though you can’t hit the gym or follow the regimes for a long while, remember that some short walk in the day is just the right way to get a better snooze.

9. Avoid caffeine 6 hours before sleeping

Yes, we are in love with coffee, but when talking about how to sleep fast, it is essential to steer clear from the java for a specific while before bed. Sleep experts suggest that 6 hours is the ideal time to avoid caffeine before hitting the hay.

Instead, you can try soothing tea that makes it easier for your rack time such as chamomile, valerian root, lavender, lemon balm…

10. Get some sunlight during the day

Natural light is like a cure-all thing. Although it can be harder to expose yourself to sunlight in the cold seasons, you should try the best to get a little as it assists in resetting your body clock.

how to sleep fast sunlight
Some vitamin D from the sunlight outside is much healthier

11. Read a book

How to sleep fast? Give yourself a good read!

However, the bottom line is that you choose the traditional paper book instead of using an electronic one. Also, a book of the non-fiction, non-engaging and light genre would be the better choice.

12. Adjust your sleep position

Your body position may affect a lot on your sleep quality. Among the three major positions: stomach, side, and back, side position seems to be better at bringing you to the slumberland.

13. Try the 4-7-8 breathing method

Feeling anxious or stressed is the reason why you find it so hard to sleep, so try this 4-7-8 trick and see how it works out.

Extend the inhale to four and you are making yourself take in more oxygen. Then, hold your breath for seven seconds to allow the oxygen to take effect on your bloodstream. Afterward, exhale steadfastly in 8 seconds to emit carbon dioxide from your lungs.

how to sleep fast 4 7 8
Inhale - hold - exhale and you will land in the dream world

This technique will manage to slow your heart rate when it is too high due to anxiety, therefore help you feel a bit light-headed which bestows the sedative-like effect. It will relax your mind, heart, and overall central nervous system instantly.

14. Change your sleeping arrangements

Have you ever thought that the reason you can’t fall asleep is that your body subconsciously thinks that the bed is uncomfortable? It’s actually a real thing.

Maybe adding some fluffy pillows, cozy sheets, and a mattress topper would make it easier to get the snooze on.

15. Don't hesitate to lower the temp

Since sufficiently dozing is related to ideal solace, bringing down the temperature in your room may appear to be off-putting. In any case, as indicated by Sleep Advisor, it's simpler to nod off (and stay asleep) in somewhat cooler rooms. Who would've known?

how to sleep fast 1
Sleep well for a good new day

Having difficulty falling and staying in deep sleep is frustrating and can cause bad consequences for your physical and mental health.

Using these “how to sleep fast” techniques would help you have much better sleep and have much more energy the next day.

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