Horoscope: How Long A Male Zodiac Sign Takes To Start A New Relationship Post-Breakup (Part 2)

Maanyata Thu |Jun 20, 2019

Let's find out how long it takes for you to start a new relationship post-breakup based on your zodiac sign!

It is true that getting over a heartbreak is never easy for everyone. Maybe you don’t know, zodiac signs can reveal exactly how long it takes for you to start a new relationship post-breakup. Scroll down to find out more!

Libra: Until he learns how to love himself

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Libra really cares about people’s feelings and he is always afraid of hurting someone for his decision so it’s difficult for him to directly say that he wants to break up with you. Only when he learns how to love himself and balance a relationship, he can start dating again.

Scorpio: He is never interested in being single

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Scorpio always wants to get engaged in love so he tends to move on quickly and find a new partner immediately post-breakup. He believes that being in a relationship will make him feel much better than being single.

Sagittarius: He easily overcomes the period of post-breakup

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A Sagittarius man is the type of person who never becomes so desperate and heartbroken after his ladylove walks away from his life because the breakup is not a big deal for him. Therefore, it doesn’t take too long to completely get over a heartbreak and find someone new.

Capricorn: Until he is really ready for a new relationship

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Capricorn is a mature man who will take time to look back at what worked and didn’t work in the past and then focus on what matters most. He will wait for the right time when he is all ready to step into a new serious and committed relationship.

Aquarius: He completely enjoys the single status

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Aquarius is not the one who easily rush into a romantic relationship after a breakup. Instead of trying hard to looking for a new partner, he will use this time to take care of and complete himself.

Pieces: A few months or even a few years

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Pieces are one of the most faithful zodiac signs who are always willing to self-sacrifice for those who they love. Therefore, a Pieces man often finds it hard to let things go and balance their life after the breakup. It often takes him a few months to get back to normal or even a few years to enter a new relationship.


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