Horoscope: How Long A Male Zodiac Sign Takes To Start A New Relationship Post-Breakup (Part 1)

Jyotis |Jun 20, 2019

Post-heartbreak, how long is it going to take all 12 male zodiac signs to take up a new relationship? Let’s find out!

It is true that getting over a heartbreak is never easy for everyone. Maybe you don’t know, zodiac signs can reveal exactly how long it takes for you to start a new relationship post-breakup. Scroll down to find out more!

Aries: 24 hours

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Our Aries boys love longing after somebody. They love the taste of victory and conquest over things they desire, including love itself. Hence, it is not a mystery for an Aries to go on with their journey to seek for a new lover within only 24 hours. Notwithstanding, this time an Aries will not be so harsh on himself in building an abiding, deep relationship but only for the harmony of the two’s personalities.

Taurus: Half a year

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In contrast to Aries, the Taurus boys are brawling to get over the heartbreak. They are truly sincere people. Once he loves you, he gives it all his heart and thoughts and mind to you. And indeed only to be incredibly hurt. It would not be strange at all if he thinks to himself: I could never love again.

Gemini: Get trapped in self’s desire

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Hardly does anyone know how long it would take a Gemini to fall in love with another lover again as it heavily depends on his feelings. Post-breakup, they would come to friends to pour their hearts out or let the hair down together somewhere sometime, in order to wait for the wounds healed up. Or they would make themselves busy altogether so the mind cannot be bothered with streams of hurtful memories. Unless they can retrieve that balanced feelings about life, they could never be ready for a new romance.

Cancer: Immediately

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Male Cancer is ready to meet another woman right after the break-up, but he seems not to be serious in this “hit-and-run” relationship. This might be due to agonizing pain in the past from another beautiful tragic love story. Pain throws their hearts to the ground and creates an invisible space in their relationship. It is not the right time to be committed to any woman.

Leo: He “moves on” even before the break-up

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Leo’s nature is to conquer. Unsurprisingly, this Zodiac sign is the professionals of flirting. Male Leo wants to prove the whole world how attractive and such “chick-magnets” they are. It is very likely he even started another relationship with not only one, but many women before he even breaks up.

Virgo: A month

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With their realistic sense, once a Virgo man realizes the relationship is getting nowhere, they will quickly take the lead to end the love story. After the breakup, this Zodiac sign can gradually take the confidence to face a new reality. A month, or even less a month is enough for him to move on to another relationship.


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