Love Guru: What These Sleep Positions Tell About Your Relationship Status?

Nari Chakraborty |Oct 02, 2019

According to scientists, couple sleep positions reveal a lot about the relationship status. Keep on reading these 8 most common positions to find out whether it is true or not! 

According to scientists, couple sleep positions reveal a lot about the relationship status. Keep on reading these 8 most common positions to find out whether it is true or not!

Human beings spend half of their lives on sleeping, so your sleeping habits say a lot about our personality traits. You get used to enjoying your bed all by yourself, however, what would it be like when you share it with another person, especially your lover?

In fact, our subconsciousness takes over our bodies when we fall asleep and that's the very time our body language is exposed.

Pattie Wood - an expert in the body language field says that while we are dreaming, our body language starts to have its voice.

1. The back-to-back position

couple sleep positions

According to a survey, the back-to-back position is one of the most popular couple sleep positions with averagely 27% of couples having this habit. It might sound not romantic to some people but, in fact, it represents the connection and trust in a relationship, close but independent.

2. The spoon position

couple sleep positions

The number of couples who adopt this position when they go to bed is nearly 18%. Accordingly, it means that one lover (mostly boyfriends) is more defensive towards the other. Moreover, it's another way to say "I trust you", which is an extremely necessary trait in a relationship. Nevertheless, remember not to put to pressure on it!

3. The touching and back-to-back position

couple sleep positions

When it comes to love, "I love you" is not merely a saying, it can come from gestures such as touching backs or butts. It is estimated that on the list of the most common couple sleep positions, this touching back position ranks second. This sweet position shows that you and your partner feel comfortable with each other.

4. The intertwined and then moving apart position

couple sleep positions

Couples who have this sleeping habit tend to intertwine their arms or legs at the early stage of sleep. Then they move apart for about 10 minutes and then back to the position. Through this habit, lovers are respecting each other's space but still giving care and intimacy.

5. The dominating position

couple sleep positions

Some couple's sleep positions could show some potentially bad signals, just like this one. If you wake up at night and realize that your partner is taking the most space of the bed, you will feel being led, literally. This, metaphorically, reveals an overwhelming power in the relationship, which may gradually become a real issue.

6. The head-on-chest position

couple sleep positions

Although the number of couples with this sleeping position is relatively low (only 4%), isn't it romantic? This is also when you are at the peak of your relationship as both of you are deeply in love and everything works so perfectly.

7. The entwined position

couple sleep positions

As loving as it may sound, this habit is implicitly giving out a warning sign for your relationship. Spending the whole night sticking together, literally, means that you and your partner depend and effect on each other too much. The lack of independence may result in hard decision-making in the future.

8. The face-to-face position but without touching

couple sleep positions

Sleeping with your face to your lover's face demonstrates that your relationship needs more emotional connection. As reported by body language experts, there is a need for closeness, not only physically but also mentally. Therefore, both of you should spend more time with each other on speaking and, obviously, in bed.

Hopefully, the meaning of these above most popular couple sleep positions is helpful for you to figure out your relationship status, what should do and what should stop. While some habits are positive, others may show a possibly not-good hint in the relationship. Be aware of them and, most importantly, be loved!


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