Here Are 7 Signs You Have Sought Your Perfect Partner, According To Relationship Therapists

Laavanya Hien |Apr 30, 2019

Having said that, there would be the right partner on this earth suited to you. Below are the greatest signs that you have sought your perfect partner.

The idea of seeking a perfect soulmate has become a topic of discussion for years. However, do you get the meaning of “a soulmate”? The concept behind is straightforward to understand: A soulmate is the one which is ideally suited to only you. While the idea of seeking a perfect partner is romantic, it isn’t just realistic. It’s a truth that myriad relationship therapists hate the concept entirely.

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According to Barton Goldsmith, The Happy Couple’s author and also a psychologist


There would be the right partner on this earth suited to you. Below are the most significant signs that you have sought your perfect partner.

You could strongly feel that he or she is perfect for you

David Klow - who is Skylight Counseling Center’s owner in Chicago, author of the famous You Are Not Crazy: Letters from Your Therapist and a licensed-family therapist - says that knowing you have looked for a right partner is never always clear. Plus, there are multiple factors for seeking the right person. Goldsmith cautions us against relying upon your gut solely when selecting an ideal partner for you; however, he reveals you should have a belief that you strongly feel if somebody is a perfect match for you.

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The right timing could help

If you meet someone who is amazing by chance when you are still hurting due to a recent breakup or you aren’t willing to settle yourself down at one particular time; clearly, it doesn’t work. Nonetheless, when it seems that you are both commitment-wise, in agreement to each other, and you are an ideal fit in some other fields, it will be a perfect match, Klow says.

You feel extremely comfortable when being together with the other

Goldsmith unveils that feeling extremely pleased when being along with the other is among the most significant things. He added, “The difference when you are with someone who adds comfort to your life and being with someone who doesn’t make you feel comfortable is pretty much the difference between breathing and drowning.” On the other hand, Klow says it just never feels good. The ability to make each other feel relaxed and comfortable is a good sign to let you know that you have a healthy relationship.

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You can easily understand their emotions without being directly communicated

This is called couples intuition in which you’re able to read the partner’s feelings and thinkings with no word be said. That is pretty powerful stuff; then it could assist help you over a while when handling several more robust matters in life. Klow says that having an emotionally-connected feeling becomes an essential part of a healthy relationship.

It  seems that they “get” you

You can go on a date with a lot of people, then enjoy a great time together. However, if you feel that somebody understands what motivates you or make you behave as you do, it is called life altering. Goldsmith says that when someone gets you, it’s a very affirming, good feeling. What’s more, Klow supposes that feeling understood and heard promotes the relationship too.

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You have similar goals and values

You might originate from distinctive backgrounds and own different tastes; however, being in agreement with each other about what matters in our lives is crucial.

As regards this issue, Klow expresses his opinion that it is also among the things which matter over a long period in the future.


You want to bring happiness to them

This sign might mean spending one Sunday morning at an ice rink to cheer for the hockey game or put off plans to care for a sick person until their good health returns. All of these things you are willing to do since you understand how much your partners love it. Sure, wanting your ideally romantic person to be happier even when that thing may be inconvenient to you. Goldsmith says, “is a sign of true love.”


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