3 Early Signs of Unsustainable Relationship That You Should Acknowledge

Jasmin Hue |Oct 31, 2019

The ecstasy at the beginning of your love may blind you. Still, you should acknowledge these three signs of an unsustainable relationship to avoid investing time and effort in it.

The first stage of the relationship is usually the most exciting part. It is the reason why it has become a source of aspiration for many romantic movies, dramas, and songs. You might be so immersed in the bubble of ecstasy that you unconsciously overlook red signals. They are implicitly warning you about the potential unstable relationships.

Therefore, acknowledging those early signs of is of great importance if you want to have a long-term and sustainable relationship. Check out these three signs to see if any incompatibilities may jeopardize your relationship.


1. You argue over trivial things

Couple Flooded Angry Communication


The constant bickering is a sign of an unhealthy and unstable relationship. It’s natural and understandable for a couple to have different points of view that might cause disagreement.

But if you find yourselves feeling uneasy regularly and quarreling over petty things, you should entirely acknowledge it. Probably, it is telling you that you two will get on a proper term together in the long run.

2. Your trust in your partner is fragile

Trust In Relationships Couple White Compressed

Building mutual trust is not natural, and through small actions, you can decide if you can confide in that person or not. If your partner tends to be unpunctual, even cancel the date or ignore your messages, then you have to revise this relationship.

These actions do not only mean that he/she is disrespectful towards you, but it is also a signal that you should not go any further in this relationship.

3. You don’t feel that you’re highly prioritized

Play Together Stay Together 10 Reasons Why Couples


Of course, everyone expects their partner to see them as the only one and want to be prioritized by lover.  Although it is not feasible that you are always his/her priority, your partner must strive to make you know how important you are to them. If you do not feel like his/her a priority, then watch out, the situation might get worse as time passes by.


Couple Understandings

Do not be panic if you have realized one of the signs mentioned above in your current. The primary key to the answer is transparent and honest communication with your partner. You are recommended to ask yourself and your partner these tough questions “Does that person have concern and needs, but does not any skill set for this relationship?” If the answer is yes, open talk about expectations and your feelings would be of great help. If your partner puts efforts to understand you, your relationship will soon bloom.

Unfortunately, if your partner is not motivated to listen to your feelings and unravel the knots of all these concerns, it’s time to let go of this relationship. A high expectation that things will solve itself will eventually make you feel enormous disappointment, like falling off the cliff.

Hence, once noticing on of these red signals, make sure that you have a direct dialogue with your partner so that you do not have to invest more time, efforts, and tears in this withering relationship.


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