Best Hair Colours For Indian Skin That Will Definitely Make You A Stunner

Salena Harshini |Jul 16, 2019

Want a change to your look but still not sure which hair colour to opt for? Our recommendations for the most beautiful hair colours for Indian skin will help you out.

Hair color is one of the best ways to boost your outlook to a whole new level without too much effort. If you can choose the most suitable complexion for yourself, it sure will make you look the most fabulous ever. Opting for the best hair colours for Indian skin tone can be quite struggling as Indians are known for their diversity in skin colours.

Indian Skin Tones

Therefore, first and foremost, we would like to introduce to you some things to take into consideration before deciding which colour is the best for your skin tone.

Knowing the tone of your skin

First thing first, to be sure to have the best look for yourself, you need to know your skin tone. Whether it is cool or warm, there are two ways for you to find out. The first simple trick is to check, if your skin gets tanned under the sunlight, your skin tone is warm. Otherwise, if you get burned or red while staying exposed to the sun, you have a cool skin tone. The other way to identify the exact skin tone you possess is checking your wrists under normal light.

hair colours for indian skin - Skintones
Source: Quora

If your veins seem blue, the cool tone is definite. Meanwhile, green-looking veins should mean that your skin is warm-toned. Sometimes, it is hard to tell its color. In such a case, it means you may possess the skin with neutral tone, which gives you an olive shade.

You can also consider the best hair colours for Indian skin based on your skin tones: fair skin tone, wheatish or dark skin tone.

Fair skin tone

Women who have fair skin can go well with complexions of blonde such as strawberry blonde or dirty blonde. Besides, fair skin can be a perfect match with brown hair, and brown hair can be applied in many shades: honey, caramel, and ash brown.

hair colour for indian fair skin tone - Strawberry Blonde
Strawberry blonde
hair colour for indian fair skin tone - Brown Hair
Brown Hair

hair colours for indian fair skin - Brown Hair 1

For the adventurous spirits, you can try uncommon colors, namely lavender, electric blue or red.

hair colours for indian skin - Red Hair
Red Hair

Over-bright colors such as grey, platinum are a big no as they may make you look pale. Except for these, many shades can be considered good hair colour for Indian fair skin tone.

Wheatish skin tone

The most suitable hair colours for Indian wheatish skin must be red shaded browns, namely wine, cinnamon, and burgundy.

hair colours on indian skin - Best Hair For Wheatish Skinned
Best Hair Colours For Wheatish Skinned
hair color on indian skin tone - Wine Hair
Wine Hair

A golden hair complexion is also a great option of hair colour for Indians with wheatish skin. As a matter of fact, a lot of you want to try this shade of hair color. However, whether it fits you or not is very important. Sometimes, letting some golden highlights be the new fresh touch to your brown hair can do.

hair colour for indian wheatish skin - Golden Hair 1
Golden Hair
hair colour for indian wheatish skin - Golden Hightlight On Brown Hair
Golden Highlight On Brown Hair

Dark skin tone

Best hair colours for Indian skin which is dark also varies in many shades. You can totally pull it off with rich brown colors like chocolate, chestnut, and espresso.  However, blond and light colors such as red, plum are definitely off the list. In terms of highlights, for brown skin and black hair, brighter complexions of brown like butterscotch or golden brown shade would do its best.

hair colour for indian dark skin - Espresso Hair
Espresso Hair
hair colour for indian dark skin - Chocolate Brown Hair
Chocolate Brown Hair

Otherwise, ombre ends would suit your choice if you want to go for a bold style. It is amongthe most special hair colours for Indian skin.

hair colour for indian dark skin - Ombre Ends
Ombre Ends

Burgundy is a great call for dusky and also olive skinned ladies. It has been set on trend all this time and seems to hardly go out of style. It is not of any surprise that lots of celebrities choose this color as it absolutely compliments Indian skin tone with its purple and red mixture. If you are a cool-toned, this one is definitely a must try. With these recommendations, we sure hope that you will find your the best choices of hair colours for Indian skin.

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