Hair Color For Dark Skin That Every Woman Wants In 2019

Leela Adwani |Jul 18, 2019

Whether you are black, Latin American, African American, East Indian or just have brown or dark skin tone, if you are in search of the most appropriate hair color for dark skin, we are here to help you decide.

Trying to choose what hair color working best on your skin tone is tricky sometimes. Picking a wrong color can even instantaneously transform your look from fabulous to disastrous. Along with skin tone, it’s immensely important to know your own complexion’s undertone. This will help us narrow down which hair color shade is suitable for you.

Whether you are black, Latin American, African American, East Indian or just have brown or dark skin tone, if you are in search of the most appropriate hair color for dark skin, we are here to help you decide.

Hair colors for light brown skin

Mahogany hair color

hair colours on dark skin
Mahogany Hair Color. Source: Pinterest

If you don’t want to go bold with eye-popping hair color, this shade of brown is hands down a safe bet for you. A light natural brown tone can help highlight and brighten your face. To add more elegances into your look, consider going with large and gentle waves.

Caramel hair color

Caramel Hair
Caramel Hair. Source: Pinterest

Adding a light bleached blonde to caramel blonde might create a casual but fun appearance. This hair color for dark skin can be a trick to make you look younger.

Navy blue color

Navy Blue Hai
Navy blue color. Source: Pinterest

Basically, the navy is considered as the new black. This hue can be a perfect fit for those who have naturally dark hair or a deep skin tone. The navy might be seen black or deep brown at first glance, though when your locks catch the light, this shade will shine through.

Hair Colors for medium brown skin

Champagne blonde highlights

Champagne Blonde Highlights
Champagne blonde highlights. Source: Pinterest

The champagne blonde highlights seem to be the most practical way to offset your medium-colored hair. What’s more? Switching your base color from black to blonde can soften your look and also enhance your femininity.

Chestnut hair color

Best Haircolor
Chestnut hair color. Source: Pinterest

The list of best hair colors for dark skin tone cannot be complete without mentioning this shade. Bringing a breath of fresh air into your hair look by adding a chestnut brown atop your straightened black hair can make you more stylish. This combination is bound to turn heads.

Tawny gold

Tawny Gold
Tawny gold. Source: Instagram

To steal a stunning honey-hue look for yourself, you have to leave your roots dark and then pile on some layers of highlights.

Hair Colors for dark brown skin

Sunflower blonde

Sunflower Blonde
Sunflower Blonde. Source: instagram/@gigiperucke

Who says blonde works best only light skin tone? In fact, sunflower blonde seems to be tailor-made for dark brown-skinned women. It’s a warm shade of blonde that is touted as the best hair color for dark skin.

Honey Blonde

Honey Blonde Hair Dark Skin Kingg Zai
Honey Blonde. Source: Instagram/@Kingg Zai

One way to flaunt your firm dark skin is to go with a warm, honey blonde hair.

Purple highlights

best hair colours for dark skin
Source: instagram/@justineskye

If you’re looking for a sexy but chic hair color working best on dark skin, take a look at purple hair paint. Adding a touch of this hue, it can accent your look and make your face shine.

Silver Hair Color

Silver Hair Color Dark Skin
Source: instagram/@skin

One “rule” you need to understand is that dark hair is likely to make you fade in the background if your skin tone is dark brown. To get rids of worries about finding the best hair color on your dark skin, this shade is made for you. A silver color ombre will brighten your look while adding more needed contrasts.

Lavender Hair Color

Lavender Hair Color Dark Skin Misslanishacole
Source: instagram/@misslanishacole

Electrify your current look with a pastel lavender ombre; it’s sure to make you stand out.

Above is a selection of our favorite hair colors for dark-skinned women along with the know-how you need to make it work. We hope you can find the most suitable hair color for dark skin.

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