Good Friday Ideas To Adopt In Commemoration Of Jesus Christ’s Sacrifice

Hanima Anand |Apr 10, 2020

To remember the sacrifice of Christ’s death on this day, let’s make a checklist of Good Friday ideas to do and tick when you can finish every of them.

Following the Maundy Thursday is Good Friday ceremony when we commemorate the death of Christ on cross, ending the ordeal he had suffered for us. To remind everyone of his sacrifice, here is the list of Good Friday ideas you can do today.

Good Friday Cross
Prepare a pure heart for Good Friday!

The very first thing you should do is wake up earlier than usual. This action will help to boost Good Friday spirit and prepare your heart for this special day!

Then, to mourn the death of Jesus Christ on cross for us, please wear black to show your respect and appreciation.

Fasting and abstinence is of course in the list. You are not allowed to consume more than one full meal or two smaller meals. You should also include bread in your menu as Christ shares bread to his disciples to spread love and life.

Good Friday Painting
The painting of Jesus Christ crucifixion on Good Friday.

For a whole-hearted Good Friday, you had better stay away from electronic devices such as mobile phones, computers or television. It’s a day to purify your heart, not celebrating the holiday online.

Likewise, any activity that may distract you from the meaning of Good Friday needs to be avoided as well.

Pray the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary, Stations of the Cross and remain silent from noon to 3:00 pm as an act of commemoration towards Christ’s suffering hours on the cross.

Do all the rite required by the Church.

Practice forgiveness and sympathy on this day, like the way Christ teaches us.

If you have someone to forgive, please do it today. If you know someone in prison, please write them a letter or pay them a visit to show mercy of Christ.

Finally, to remind yourself of Christ, you can read stories or watch movies about his sacrifice then share it with others to spread the spirit of Good Friday.

Should you find these Good Friday ideas useful, don’t hesitate to share it to your friends.

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