From Deepika Padukone to Priyanka Chopra: 6 Hot Trends For Brides To Try This Wedding Season

Kanchana Ngan |Dec 11, 2018

At no time could brides show more of her true colors like today. Take a look at those gorgeous and discover their ways of ditching stereotypes.

Gone are the days when brides were fixed in a traditional stereotype. Most of them are no longer asked to value ceremony and the age-old conventions that accompany their big day. Since former Miss India Gul Panag went against the old principles set for an Asian woman, things have drastically changed. In her nuptial, Gul Panag sat on a motorbike, wearing a chic pair of aviator glasses, together with her stream of motorcycles made their way to the wedding venue. What an unusual and spectacular scene to see! Now, four years later, it is under curiosity which creative ways brides can enjoy their marriage rites the most. Let's discover.

brides - Gul Panag

Bride Gul Panag enjoyed the wedding in her own way.

Laugh heartily

brides - laugh heartily

A shy smile may expose brides' gentle beauty, yet cannot show their true happiness. A wedding is an occasion when brides are supposed to enjoy contentment to the fullest without serious concern about people's opinions. Heartful laughter will fulfill the wedding and brighten the whole day, even make guests feel more pleasure and enjoyment. After all, nothing looks more beautiful than a happy bride.

Note: It is not advised to fake it. Artificial laughter may bring a counter result.

Dance your heart out

brides - dance

Traditionally, brides were not assumed to dance, they fear that it might ruin their images. However, it is proved to be such a silly stance to believe in. The dance floor now belongs to all of the grooms, brides and other guests in the ceremony. A lively dance performance together can bring everybody close and heat the show-up. Steal the spotlight and become the dancing queen of your own important day.

Note: Show the grace and charming on the floor, not clumsy or seducing dance steps.

Rock it in white

brides - white

In Indian culture, white was believed to repel light and colors, therefore, it had to be kept away from all kinds of celebration. However, millennial brides have broken the notion and made white fashionable. Whether it was Sonam Kapoor on her Sangeet or Deepika Padukone and Priyanka Chopra at their reception parties, they reinforced the idea of bringing white into a wedding. White, in a nutshell, is accepted to be a lucky sign.

Note: The costume would be much greater with some gold or nude blends.

Try Monotone

brides - monotone

Monotone is said to be dull and boring, which cannot show your true colors. The same thing goes with monotone in clothing. However, it can be totally different if the style is applied properly and fashionably. Priyanka Chopra left the world in awe of her stunning appearance in a pure red color lehenga. In contrast with the above belief, her one-color dress is just everything a woman may dream of in her ceremony. Brides can try wearing monotone and create special dresses in their own way.

Note: It is encouraged to embellish some embroidered or sparkling details on the dress so that the beauty can be highlighted and reinforced.

Wear sneakers

brides - sneaker

Wearing sneakers with your sangeet lehenga or a reception dress is another popular trend. In the nuptial, there are many people to meet, lots of work waiting for brides to do. As a result, they have to run around to make sure everything goes as planned. Therefore, practicality is among top priorities when choosing their costume. Wearing sneakers can ensure that brides are comfortable yet stylish at the same time to enjoy the show. The style was pioneered by Rhea Kapoor, and can be seen more and more often in modern wedding ceremonies now.

Note: Try sneakers with lehenga, a surprising result can come out.

Personalize your mangalsutra 

brides - mangalsutra

Mangalsutra is now an elegant accessory for brides to wear, even for a long time after their wedding. So, why not making it a stunning and unique piece that you can proudly show everyday? Doing modification or adding your personal marks are highly recommended. Sonam Kapoor's mangalsutra is the one worth learning from. It has symbols of both, Sonam and Anand's star signs in it. On the left, it is Sonam's star sign-Gemini while on the right it is Anand's star sign-Leo, complimented by a single solitaire in the center.

Note: Make a design beforehand, so that brides can proudly wear it in their nuptials.


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