Friend Zone: 8 Signals That Indicate Exsitence Of Friend Zone In Your Relationship

Ananya Trang |Nov 15, 2019

It is not difficult for two people will know whether their relationship is in the friend zone or not through highly recommended signs.

Many people asked if they entirely understand friend zone meaning and which hints for them to know it. Honestly, the friend zone is precisely the zone of friendship where either of them or only person merely wants to maintain their friend relationship as casual and doesn’t would like it to develop to a romantic level.

The following signals will help someone confirm their situation accurately.

1. Being too open-minded with a man

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Typically, a girl tends to be shy whenever she meets or talks with a boy she likes. Therefore, if she is too straightforward or comfortable to share her thinking and feelings with him, it means that she merely treats him as a close friend.

2. Having no hesitation in bringing some other friends when a boy would love to be out with her

When a man asks a woman about a plan for a special moment, they will have, if she genuinely likes him, she maybe agree immediately and go with him. On the contrary, if on their date, she brings some friends and can say something about his position in her life, admittedly, it is a signal of friend zone that she wants.

3. Keeping pairing him with other girls

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It is not afraid for her to lose him for anyone especially pushing him for other beautiful girls, it releases that she not only concerns him but also would like him to find his real happiness with the person loving him.

4. No feeling shy when she touches or hugs him

Another sign of friend zone is that a girl considers hugging, holding hands of a boy who she talks with is entirely reasonable. She is not awkward and ready to share every feeling she has. While he thinks it to be as good signs for them to have a new level, she treats him as a “BFF.”

5. Telling him about her crushes

If a girl does like this, it means that she believes him so much who she knows to help her make her feelings clear and give her the best advice for dating plans with her crushes. It will make him hurt, but he indeed has to accept.

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6. Naming her pet after his name

Sometimes, some girls have their pet named for her good friends, including guys. It doesn’t mean that they offend men simply because they indeed regard this relationship as real friendship, and need their friend to talk whenever they want.

7. Actively setting a romantic dating for him with another girl

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If a boy is in this situation, it doesn’t suspect that their relationship is exactly friendship. The girl wants to become a cupid to help her friends to find a suitable girlfriend and give the best things she can do for her close friend.

8. Introducing him to the man she likes

Maybe, this is the worst and saddest signal for a man to confirm his relationship. He and that girl are mainly into the friend zone. And perhaps, there will be no chance for him to hope and trust in the new development of their friend. The girl likes to affirm that she found the destined man for her life and hopes to get a wish from her friend.

In shorts, with someone, the friend zone is a safe and efficient zone to remain between people’s relations, and they also hope that it will be like this forever. But with others, the friend zone is considered a good start for their love because friendship is the best and most fertilized garden to sow the hope and loving seed.


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