5 Love Languages To Create An Amazing Power In Your Relationship

Ananya Trang |Oct 31, 2019

Love languages, which are simple and powerful ideas, play an essential role in building and improving a relationship. Therefore, they will teach people falling in love with how to love better and grow closer.

Keeping a good relationship spends more time than having the one, so Dr. Gary Chapman, author of bestseller book The 5 Love Language: The Secret to Love That Lasts, shares learning love languages is the key to a lasting relationship.

Moreover, with the simple concept, love languages own five exciting elements that help lovers to explore exciting things in loving and get closer. What are the specific five love languages? Let’s discover.

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1. Words of Affirmation


There are various verbal languages to express caring and love for those who cannot think of anything to say about their partners like “Thank you for looking after and making me smile,” “I don’t know what I do without you” or “you look great.”

However, to make this love language efficient, it needs to be used at the right time with a sincere attitude, because insults certainly can make people favor compliments be sad so much.

2. Gifts

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Clearly, in a romantic relationship, whenever a person is given a tangible or intangible gift, he/she will feel delighted and appreciated, as it brings him/her more mental meanings than physical ones. Therefore, if an individual lacks everyday gestures or misses indeliberately some special occasions, his/her partner will be hurtful and upset.

3. Acts of service

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This love language is about making people feel loved and cared thanks to helping them in any condition that their partner can. They often like hearing some words like “How may I help you?’, or “ What can I do to make today easier for you?” and sometimes actions with love also express better than words.

4. Quality time

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Quality time that its central part is togetherness is considered a persuasive emotional communicator of love. It is just simple to walk together after dinner or watch a favorite movie of both people at the weekends, but they feel respect for their incredible time and more understand of each other.

5. Physical touch

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Some lovers can show their excitement, concern, and love by hugs, holding hands, kisses, or shoulders; all of the actions are called a physical touch of love languages. Physical contact will foster a sense of belonging and security in any relationship, so without it, these individuals have some isolated feelings.

How to know love languages

According to Dr. Robin R. Milhausen, Associate Chair of Family Relations Department at the University of Guelph says that identifying love languages is the most crucial in a relationship, so the couples have to take time to get acquaintance with their love languages. Asking themselves, “How would I do it” may be the most straightforward way to find some hints to use love languages effectively.

Besides, it takes couples about 10 or 15 minutes to make a quiz about love languages. After that, you will share their results to understand each other and improve the rapport in their way.


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