Fitness Goal For Grooms-To-Be: How To Get The Perfect Body For Your Wedding In Just 30 Days

Kimmy Karima |Oct 02, 2019

Is there any men who don’t want to look perfect for their weddings? But is that too high an achievement to reach? The answer is no. With these tips, any grooms-to-be can quickly become as fit as a model. Or at least, fit enough to amaze their brides.

If you’re a groom-to-be, you may be annoyed by the fact that everyone only gives advice to brides on how to look best in the wedding ceremony. Does anyone care if a groom looks more haggard than ever? Does anyone care if a groom looks like a homeless man beside his stunning bride?

Oh, now you can chill out, because we’ve got the fitness tips for you in preparation for your wedding day. The better thing is that you can fix your shape in just 30 days. Start on, grooms-to-be!

Take honey-lemon water

The mixture of honey, lemon and warm water can do magic.

Honey-lemon water is called magic drink. Right after getting out of bed in the morning, you should take this drink to receive all its benefits, including detoxing your body and brightening your skin.

Some people also believe that this mixture can help you get rid of fat too, so you’ll have a leaner and better-looking body. There’s no fixed recipe, but you can mix a cup of lukewarm water with one teaspoon or two of honey and the juice from one quarter of a lemon or lime.

Have more but smaller meals

Include lots of fresh fruits and veggies in your meals.

If you’re having three big meals a day now, the advice is that you should have five to six, but smaller ones. You body will absorb nutrients better that way and it won’t have to work too hard after each meal.

Your meals should consist of a lot of fresh, colorful vegetables and fruits, lean protein, good fats and less carbs. Snack on nuts and fresh fruits instead of junk food. You’ll soon see the difference and never want to come back to the previous eating habits.

Reduce your caffeine intake

Don’t consume too much caffeine.

Too much coffee may not do your skin any good, so stop your morning coffee habit and don’t drink too much tea either. Of course, some types of tea are very good for your health, like green or chai tea, but drink them in moderation. Plain water, coconut water or smoothies made from fresh fruits are your better choices.

Play outdoor sports, preferably with your friends

Playing outdoor sports with your friends is fun.

Outdoor activities make you feel better than working out inside the gym does, because you can immerse yourself in nature and in most cases, your friends are there with you too. Sports like basketball and football are great because they make you stronger and help you have fun with your male friends while taking the pressure of the oncoming wedding off your shoulders, at least for some time.

Workout, but don’t do it to the point of exhausting yourself

Overtraining is always risky.

Of course, you should work out daily, even when you’re single. Now when you’re going to be a husband, ask your soon-to-be wife to get active with you. Even researchers believe that shedding sweat together is one of the best ways to strengthen the bond between lovers.

Choose some good cardio exercises that are suitable for your shape and health condition. They’ll help you to shed some kilos, as well as make you stronger (which is great for the wedding night, by the way!). Just remember not to overtrain, else you may risk hurting yourself right before your big day.

Enjoy spa time

Taking care of yourself doesn’t mean being selfish.

If you think spas are ladies’ exclusive territories, think again. Have you ever seen any spas that say “For girls only”? In fact, there are even some spas which have specific services like skin treatment and manicure, pedicure for men too.

Just ask your male friends or do some research online. Visit one like that to have some quality time for yourself. It’s necessary for you to wind down and have your body taken care of before you start married life.

Just relax

Enjoy your day and many days after that.

Too much stress will make you put on weight. Some men even have chubbier faces when they don’t sleep well. So try not to take things too seriously even when your wedding day is coming near. Your smile will be the best makeup for your face and your upbeat attitude will keep you healthy, both mentally and physically. All in all, keep calm and enjoy the new chapter of your life.


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