Don’t Fool Your Possible Marriage By These 4 Proposing Mistakes

Ankita Chetana |Jan 20, 2020

Proposing is the ending shot of a relationship to mark the new phase of love – marriage. However, you have to fight shy of these mistakes to welcome a happy face from your partner.

Flirting someone to pack them in your love is difficult, turning them trap in your life is much harder. We have seen many romantic ways of proposals on the screen with flowers, a soft melody of a love song or something else. But the films haven’t exposed the proposing mistakes that many people have been stuck in.

Kneeling in front of your lady, with a box of a ring on your hands, it seems like nothing else can drop the beat more. It sounds odds but basic, however, proposing is not simple like that. Women own a sense of delicacy that they can feel the muse of an appropriate man to make her life full of happiness. Proposing is not everything but it’s an important thing to set up a basis of a trust-worthy marriage. So, skip out on these following proposing mistakes to enjoy the much-awaited moment together with your girl.

Make a surprise on it


Not everyone prefers the string of surprises and sometimes, a non-predicted thing can lead to some unnecessary misunderstandings. While several people enjoy fascinating surprises but for others, they don’t accept it especially things related to the important terms. Just make it when there is no doubt your partner likes it.

Opt for the wrong time

Too soon or too late don’t work both. Needless to elaborate anymore, when your partner is yet to be ready for the two’s future or uncertain of the relationship, the proposal will be definitely refused. You have to care about your loved one’s feelings and put your legs into her shoes to understand.


Dilly-dallying is usually a recipe of failure as when the appropriate time has flown away, you will lose 95% to make up a marriage. Your partner might think that you are not fond of your relationship or don’t prepare well for a sharing home for the two.

Express in public


Don’t learn from films too much as the manner in some romantic movies don’t take effect actually. Once again, you need to pay attention to other people’s feelings. Your partner, as well as ‘the audience’ around, may not be eager for your public way.

A sudden kiss while proposing


One of the proposing mistakes that several people have met is kissing while doing it. Until your partner expresses their consent, don’t try to urge them with a hug or kiss as this shows that you aren’t deep in the present emotions and feelings.


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