Dating Tips For Women: How To Tell By Body Language A Guy Is Into You

Priyansh Ha |Jul 05, 2019

Our body language never lies. Here are the 8 most significant signs which tell exactly a man wants you or not, check them out!

Dating is fun but stressful at the same time as both men and women are discreet when it comes to what their heart feels. However, our body language never lies. It’s not that hard to tell if a guy is really into you, just by the way he moves around you.

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According to experts, here are the 8 most significant signs which tell exactly a man wants you or not, check them out!

1. His Pupils Are Bigger

When someone is attracted to something, his pupils will dilate as the consequence of the brain’s reaction.

2. His Eyebrows Raise Up

This is true to everyone that when we see something or someone interesting, the aperture of our eyes increases which raises our eyebrows. In addition to that, this sign also tells that he is keen on what you’re saying.

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3. He Smiles With Front Teeth Shown

You will only see that kind of smiles in a young boy, or if an adult man gives you that smile, it means he is really happy being with you.

4. He Smiles With More Than Just Mouth

It’s definitely a good sign if he smiles with his whole face while looking at you. From his lifting forehead to his stinging eyes, all part of his face is giving you clues that he’s really into you.

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5. He Licks His Lips In An Adorable Way

As his mouth will produce more saliva than usual while looking at someone interesting, you might catch him quickly licking his lips or pursing his lips.

6. He Looks At You In The Face, Not In The Eyes

Looking at someone in the eyes is said to be a clear signal that you’re in love with them. However, it will be a bit bizarre for both of you to make eye contact all the time. Therefore, if he looks at you in your face (from your nose to lips), he’s trying to send the same message.

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7. He Takes A Deep Breath

To make his body more fit and attractive, you will find him taking a deep breath unconsciously when being around you.

8. He Leans Toward You While Talking

Even when you’re able to hear each other clearly, he tends to lean forward which means none other than a strong feeling toward you.


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