Dating 101: 6 Small Tips To Be A More Dateable Man

Aesha |Nov 25, 2019

For the nonce, let’s look into the basics of things that a man can start doing right now to be a much more dateable gentleman.

love There are a lot of ways a man to improve himself and attract the woman he falls for. However, for the nonce, let’s look into the basics of things that he can begin doing immediately to be a much more dateable gentleman.

Fix yourself up

If you are thinking that you have heard of this before, it is because the thing is vitally important and might be considered non-negotiable.

Imagine you are in the other person’s shoes? Would you date yourself when your life is such a mess?

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It does not mean that you have to be wealthy or live in a picture-perfect scenery. What you at least need to do is to guarantee a foundation in the lifestyle which will not be an obstacle for your relationship: have an apt job, a place or home that you take responsibility for and reliable transportation.

Get rid of debt. Have a positive, healthy attitude and mindset. Make sure you are thousands of miles away and never look back on all the trust issues and baggage from the last relationships. What is more, live harmoniously with your personal values.

If you want to date a quality woman, fixing yourself up is not optional.

Learn to listen

Love Rosie

It doesn’t count as “listening” if you just hear what she says. It only matters when you actually pay attention and consider her words. Not just to reply, listen to her with the bourne to understand.

At the same time, don’t thrash out at her. Grasp the message she wants to deliver, then dwell on those topics and ask follow-up questions so she can see that you actually care.

Knowing to listen means knowing how to love.

Take care of your looks

Suit Up

Needless to say, attractiveness shouts imperative. Women do not like to admit it as they don't aspire to be deemed as shallow. However, it’s not wrong that a woman needs the physical attraction towards the person she is dating.

You don’t have to be shiny perfect, but put your best foot forward to keep in shape. Put efforts into the looks, eat healthily and don’t forget to dress well and smell good.

Show unfeigned interest

Among the very first things women test men while seeing each other, the men’s intentions and genuine interest are what they go for foremost.

She wants to clarify whether he is into her as a person or what he wants is only to get lucky.


The difference here does not only lie in his words but also in the actions.

If a woman can see that he is genuinely interested in her, she will be a lot more likely to continue hanging out with him.

Don’t hesitate to pursue


It is the nature of men to track square with a woman. As the innate hunters, men enjoy the goad to qualify themselves to a woman.

In general, women also aspire to be chased after by men comparing to being the ones who pursue. There are absolutely some exceptions. However, as is known, the rule isn’t made by exceptions.

Be present

What this means is to learn to know when to keep away from your phone when you are with her.

Checking your devices, sure, can be very tempting because you normally do that at home and everywhere else. But it is not an ideal thing to do while going on a date. It is deemed as rude and you will be under the risk of making your date feel ignored and not respected.


On another hand, taking a picture together might be an exception.

Bear in mind that life does not lie in your phone. It does and is happening right at the moment, right in front of you.

Take heed of enjoying the moments when you have them.


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