Dating 101: 5 Signs Warning That You Are A Clingy Lover

Aesha |Dec 28, 2019

Every individual needs their own space to make sure the affair works real smoothly. So, check out these 5 signs to see if you are a clingy lover.

In a relationship, it is hard to find the just-right balance. Time after time, some of you would forget that the boundary between caring and invading one’s space is very fragile. Therefore, if you end up doing the latter sometimes, these pointers will assist you in finding out if you are acting clingy.

Staying in a committed relationship is not equal to your partner having to sacrifice their whole life so they can be with you. Every individual needs their own private space so they can make sure the affair works real smoothly. That is why, taking that away from your other half will not make them happy, at all!

Take a look at these 5 signs to figure out if you are being a clingy lover:

  1. 1. It is hard for you to wait for their replies

Check Phone
Although technology has been an essential thing in keeping the lovebirds in touch, it has on another hand ruined the romance for many people. If you feel it is difficult to wait for their text and that you are about to lose your control over that, it isn’t a good sign.

2. Keep on looking through their feed

Now you know his whole family and even this second to third cousins as you have constantly been stalking their social accounts. Not only a quality of clinginess but this is also very creepy.

3. Nagging to make them stay

They can’t go to a boys’ or girls’ night out because you always try to come up with an excuse so they will not leave you for a hang-out.

4. Keep track of where they are

It’s impossible for you to go through a day without checking where they are. Being this gummy harms them and also harms your individuality.

5. Aspire to be his attention

It is understandable that you want your partner’s attention, but it can't happen all the time. Sure you are very important to them, but they also have other things to take care of, just like you do. So, let them breathe a little and don’t be too uptight.


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