Cheating, Breakup Or Marriage, What Your Dreams Reflect Your Current Relationship?

Leela Adwani |Dec 22, 2019

If you are curious about what your dreams talk about your relationship, read on to find the answers yourself!

Dreams maybe like a collage of random photos, events, and people creating weird stories that we only encounter while we are sleeping. Many people don’t consider it a big deal even when they have nightmares. The fact is that they can actually reveal a lot about what is going on in our heads. Dreams show us what is healthy and unhealthy in our lives and what we are really thinking about our relationships.

If you are curious about what your dreams talk about your relationship, read on to find the answers yourself!

Your boyfriend/girlfriend is cheating on you

If you dream about your BF or GF cheating on you, it reflects a lot about your fear of abandonment and insecurities. It can also mean that your partner is showing less affectionate than what you are really expecting from them.

Cheating Girlfriend

According to mental health expert Mark Henick, if you dream of partner cheating, it does not mean they are actually cheating. It is more likely to mean that you are afraid of them cheating. The tip is that don’t take the dreams as signs of what is going on in your real life. They are just reflections of your thoughts and you don't need to consider it a big matter.

Dreams of love

The emotion in dreams is sometimes really true and the feeling of being loved is relatively amazing, isn’t it? If you have such kinds of dreams, it tells you about the satisfaction of your relationship. However, it also represents your desire for being more affectionate and closer to your partner.


Dream about ex-lovers

Dreaming about old relationships sometimes doesn’t mean you are still thinking about them. Instead, it’s more likely that you’re interested in finding other relationships. You may want to connect with someone new not your partner.

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In case you are single, ex-lover dreams can manifest your current mental status. The fact that it simply means you are now happily single and well settled. The good news is that it's a sign telling your single life is great.

Breakup dreams

No one expects split while they are deeply in love with each other, so some think that if they dream about separation, it will be a bad omen.  This may be overwhelming at first, though such dreams typically signify an end of something.

Dreams About Breaking Up

Dreaming about split can indicate an end to your relationship’s previous level if you intend to move to the next stage. It also turns out to be a signal telling you that you can leave the past behind.

However, if you recently went through a breakup, then this dream could present that you’re unwilling to part ways.

Dating two people at the same time

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It shows that some changes happening recently in your relationship make you feel overwhelmed. All you need to do is just to relax as it isn't a signal telling you are cheating on your loved one.


When you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you think about marriage. Marriage is hands down the most important phase of every relationship. However, if you are dreaming about marriage when you have started seeing someone, then it can be mean that you want to take this relationship to a higher level. It also reflects your desire to have something permanent and more secure.


All that said, there is no fix explanation for every dream you have. Dreams can mean different things to different people and they depend largely on your own experiences and situations. Don’t take them too seriously and look at them from an open perspective.

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