11 Elegant Bridesmaid Hairstyles For The Autumn Wedding Season

Alia Thao |Oct 06, 2019

Preparation for a wedding is a months-long process that bridesmaids need to accompany with their best friends,sisters. Meanwhile, finding a perfect hairstyle matching with the dress is a hard choice in the to-do list of bridesmaid.

Being a bridesmaid can be stressful when facing many important decisions such as preparing a meaningful wedding gift, choosing a charming dress with suitable hairstyles. Therefore, we suggest 11 chic bridesmaid hairstyles guide to simplify the to-do list:

1. Ponytail with a ribbon

Whatever styles you want to dress in the wedding like "black tie" or "resort destination", this bridesmaid hairstyles will go well. Air-dried curls tied into a ponytail with a color-matching ribbon can create a perfect au naturel style with any dresses.

2. Simple tousled waves

Celebrity hairstylist Bridget Brager, a celebrity hairstylist gives a bridesmaid hairstyles of simple tousled waves, which is as seen on the stunning, and freshly blonde, Kate Bosworth.

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3. A sleek updo

A sleek updo rounded with some bouncing curls can create a romantic and elegant look for the bridesmaid.

4. Polished and wet-looking hair

With the help of hair mousse, the bridesmaid can have a polished and wet-looking style as hairstylist Jennifer Yepez applying on the model Soo Joo.

5. Glossy bun

Laura Harrier 's glossy bun with face-framing tendrils will be one of the favorite bridesmaid hairstyles, which gets on well with any formal occasions.

6. A high top knot bun

A simple high bun with a topknot like Nicole Richie can make bridesmaids look chic in any dresses.

7. Short hair

To emphasize the charm of short hair, bridesmaids only need to mix with a pair of 'bling-bling' asymmetric earrings and a glossy pink lip.

8. Flower hairstyle

Decorating your hair with flowers and choosing a matched lipstick shade will promote your look, no matter what you dress.

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9. Jewel hairpins

Sometimes, all you need is some jewel hairpins, which are placed in the right place.

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10. Low ponytail

A middle-parted, low ponytail, which is known as the chic simplicity, can create a perfect bridesmaid hairstyle.

11. Loose hair in the back

A slicked back front and loose-in-the-back hairstyle, add a red lip makeup and it will create a powerful and sexy look for bridesmaids.

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