MUST READ: The Best Way To Reduce Belly Fat At Home

Kangana Paakhi |Sep 27, 2019

You are bothered by your loose belly? You can’t fit yourself in your favorite jeans anymore? Don't worry, let us help you with some of the most effective ways to reduce belly fat.

There are millions of results popping up when you typed in the keyword “belly fat reduce”. Some titles like “How to reduce belly fat in 7 days”, “How to reduce belly fat in one month” or whatever how-tos can be tempting. But let’s be honest, you won’t achieve anything in such a short time. Instead, you should tackle it gradually and try to maintain healthy habits for a long time.

If you are looking for the best way to reduce belly fat, we’re here to help you. It might not be the fastest way to reduce belly fat, but it will do you good on your journey of becoming fit and healthy.

It is a hard and enduring process to reduce belly fat.

Belly fat explained

What exactly is belly fat? It is the excess fat surrounding your abdomen. Abdominal fat is divided into three types: triglycerides (which circulates in your blood), subcutaneous fat (which sits right under the skin), and visceral fat (which surrounds the organs).

Out of three, visceral fat is the most dangerous, since it directly linked to several health risks including heart diseases, type-2 diabetes, and even cancer. So, to reduce belly fat is not necessarily to shrink your waistline for a more “model look”, but to take care of your health and well-being.

Best way to reduce belly fat

You might be confused about ways to reduce belly fat. This is where we make mistakes. Many people want to accelerate the process, being captivated by quick ways to reduce fat which could be taking unapproved weight loss pills or even starving themselves. This is extremely harmful to your health and making it miserable for the person taking those severe methods.

This is how to reduce belly fat naturally, which will not only be effective but also beneficial for your mental and physical health alike.

Don’t starve, but eat sensibly

Apparently what you eat affects the amount of fat around your stomach. It is never good to skip meals, instead remove foods with harmful substances from your diet.

how to reduce belly fat quickly at home
Eat more fruits and vegetables

Eliminate sugar

Yes, let’s start by throwing away all of the sugary soda cans and juice boxes in your fridge. Too much sugar in your body means too much fructose for your liver to metabolize. The excess sugar is then forced to transform into fat. So, increased sugar intake equals increased fat accumulation in the liver and belly. Therefore, it is best to minimize sugar in your healthy diet to reduce belly fat.

Try fresh fruits such as bananas, strawberries or blueberries instead. You can also have low-fructose sweets and candies if you are an incurable sweet tooth. 

fastest way to reduce belly fat
Berry fruits could be sweet treats on your way to reduce belly fat.

No trans fats

Trans fats are the sworn enemy of whoever wishing to reduce belly fat. Processed food and fried fast food is convenient and tastes like heaven, but what it does to your belly is sinister. Trans fats are also found in kinds of margarine and spreads.

These kinds of food are loaded with saturated fat, which will soon manifest itself on your belly. The advice is to pay attention to ingredient details on the packaging to keep yourself from harmful trans fats.

Not too much alcohol

If consumed moderately, alcohol is good for your health in that it relieved the risks of some heart diseases. Meanwhile, overdrinking could take its toll on your overall health.

High alcohol intake is also said to relate to excess belly fat since it might suppress the process of fat burning. That quite explains the term “beer belly”. To anyone who is looking for ways to reduce belly fat, remember to drink reasonably. 

best exercise to reduce belly fat
Red wine could help to decrease tummy fat.

Follow a high-protein diet

People tend to wrongfully eliminate protein from their diets to reduce belly fat. But in fact, protein is crucial in losing weight. It creates a sense of fullness which in turn decreases your appetite, making you eat less in the next meals. You can find good protein in eggs, dairy products, seafood, and nuts.

Be active

A sedentary lifestyle is one major reason behind excess abdominal fat. Sitting at the same place or lying around for too long can increase fat accumulation. So the best advice on how to reduce belly fat quickly at home is to exercise or to be physically active in other words.

ways to reduce belly fat
Join some outdoor exercise such as biking, hiking, and walking

The amazing health benefits of exercise are undeniable. But a little reminder, don’t just focus on one body part when exercising, in this case, the belly. Constant sit-ups will not give you a flat stomach or a perfectly defined six-pack. You should start gently by going jogging or biking for around an hour and try to do it every day.

An afternoon walk around the park with your canine companion sounds like a great idea. Also, doing some housework (gardening, cleaning and so on) could help. The idea is to keep your body active. Even if it is a proper exercise or just simply moving around would make you less of a passive person.

If you are a busy office person and your job requires working in front of a computer screen for several hours, just try not to sit for too long. Take small in-between breaks to let yourself stretch a bit. You might want to walk around for a change before sitting down again.

You can then totally upscale your workout as you wish. But be careful and take advice from professional trainers.

reduce belly fat in one week
The best way to reduce belly fat? Exercise!

 These are some of the advice for anyone who is on their quest for a healthy body. For most people, that is the best way to reduce belly fat. The combination of healthy diets and active lifestyle will not only reduce belly fat but also do good to your overall health. Follow our advice and improve your health!

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