Best Perfumes For Men In India - EDP Trend 2020 You Must Update

Rose Advani |Feb 14, 2020

If you select perfumes as a Valentine gift for him, you must read this article! Here are the collection of best perfumes for men in India, from the under-300 perfumes list to the under-500 list. Take a look!

Wearing perfumes, these days, give you more confidence and attractions to the opposite sex. However, using perfume is not simple like you get your favorite one and use it day by day. You firstly opt for a suitable perfume which is your favorite scent, right occasion, and affordable prices.

We have handpicked a full list of best perfumes for men in India, from the list of best-selling items to the under-500 perfumes list. Also, the article adds some tips to apply fragrance properly.

Best perfume for men in India

Best-selling men's perfumes in India

Perfume is an indispensable item in the men grooming industry giving you a great fragrance during the working time or creating attraction on each special occasion. Here are the top 10 best-selling perfumes for men in India.

1. Fogg Scent for Men Xtremo Eau de Parfum

The EDP is a fragrant entanglement of refreshing notes that gives you a fresh feeling all day long. This adorable perfume will create a bold impression on the opposite sex. This Fogg Scent perfume is also in the list of best perfume for men under 500. It costs 480 rupees.

Fogg Scent For Men Xtremo Eau De Parfum - Rs. 480

2. Jaguar Classic Black Perfume Eau de Toilette

Here is an awe-inspiring cologne for men that deserves you a luxurious aromatic. The fragrance put any man a heart note of lotus flower scent. Furthermore, the perfume is added spicy ginger and orange Jaguar Cologne for a perfect aroma.

You can order this product from various online stores with budget from Rs. 1,299 to 3,300 depending on the discounts.

Jaguar Classic Black Perfume Eau De Toilette

3. Adidas Team Force Men's Perfume Eau de Toilette

This perfume will wear you with an aromatic and masculine fragrance. This Adidas perfume will be an ideal combination of aldehydes, juicy orange, grapefruit, and fresh pineapple, coupled with jasmine and juniper. Wearing this perfume, you will get a delicate en everlasting fragrance.

This perfume is not expensive as you may think. With only Rs. 549, you can enjoy its aroma.

Adidas Team Force Mens Perfume Eau De Toilette - Rs. 549

4. Denver Dignity Perfume Eau de Parfum

Denver Dignity EDP perfume with fresh aromatic tones but long-lasting stay on his body. This perfume becomes the favorite item for confident men and puts its name on the list of best perfume for men under 500.

Usually, a set of Denver Dignity Perfume Eau de Parfum costs from 470 rupees.

Denver Dignity Perfume Eau De Parfum

5. Rasasi Royale Blue EDP

Rasasi Royale Blue EDP creates a powerful and masculine from Rasasi. The feature of this perfume is the floral notes combining with the intense woody. Here is an ideal perfume for men that delicate the best scent and grab all the attention wherever you are.

The price of Rasasi Royale Blue EDP is a bit higher than the previous brand. To buy a 75 ml set, you have to pay Rs. 875.

Rasasi Royale Blue Edp - Rs. 875

6. Brut Glass Eau de Toilette

Brut Glass Eau de Toilette is one of the most famous of the Brut fragrance bottles for men in India. This perfume has a classic scent which is so special in the fragrance market in India.

With its reputational brand and time-proved quality, a Brut Glass Eau de Toilette product as follow costs around 775 rupees. You may get better deals with discount codes sometimes.

Brut Glass Eau de Toilette - Rs. 775

7. Adidas Pure Game for Men

Best men perfume in India by Adidas - Pure Game Perfume for Men provides the absolute finish to every outfit. Feel confident and desired with the last perfect touch that Adidas Pure Game Adidas Perfume gives you with this best fragrance for men.

Just like its other products, this perfume has a reasonable price at Rs. 540.

Adidas Pure Game for Men - Rs. 540

8. Denver Esteem Perfume

Denver Esteem Perfume is also one of the best-selling perfumes for men in India. The fragrance of this perfume lasts for a long period. Furthermore, its scent is suitable for any occasion and party. Currently, this perfume costs about 349 rupees which is an affordable price for Indian men.

Another affordable product from Denver - Denver Esteem Perfume

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Best EDP in India for a tight budget

We have just handpicked the best EDP Perfumes in Indian with affordable prices below, from the best perfumes under Rs. 500 to the best perfumes that cost under Rs. 300 for your reference. A reasonable expenditure that suits your wallet should always be prioritized. Women love those who have a mind for savings as well.

1. List of best perfumes under 500 in India (300-500 rupees)

Below are affordable perfume products in India that are recommended for under 500 budget. Some of them are from famous brands as Adidas or Denver, so you can rest assured of their quality.

Those who don't want to spend more than 300 rupees for this can refer to our later sections for more suggestions of under 300 rupees.

Men perfumes under 500 in India Price
Engage Yin Eau de Parfum Rs. 499
Fogg Impressio Scent For Men Rs. 470
Park Avenue Eau De Parfum - Euphoria Rs. 399
Denver Natural Hamilton Blue Perfume Rs. 349
AXE Signature Gold Perfume Rs. 334
Adidas Dynamic Pulse Eau De Toilette Rs. 494
Fogg Xtremo Scent For Men Rs. 480
Fogg Scent Intensio For Men Rs. 317
AXE Signature Gold Dark Vanilla and Oud Wood Perfume Rs. 360
Overall, Fogg Scent products are affordable.

2. List of best perfumes under 300 in India

To many, 300 rupees is still a considerable amount for nice-to-have items like perfumes. Understanding that, we suggest here the list of best perfumes within that budget so you can opt for the most suitable one to your preference.

Men perfumes under 300 in India Price
Wild Stone Ultra Sensual Eau De Parfum Rs. 197
Set Wet Studio X Perfume Rs. 225
The Man Company's Body Perfume Rs. 299
Royal Mirage BROWN Eau de Cologne Rs. 285
CFS Exotic Black Perfume Eau de Parfum Rs. 265
Denver Batman Vigilante Eau de Parfum Rs. 233
CFS Exotic Black Perfume Eau de Perfume Rs. 235
Riya Classico Black Eau de Parfum Rs. 267
Ramsons RED Z X+MIDNIGHT Eau de Parfum Rs. 295

Tips how to apply perfumes properly

When using perfumes, you don't just spray it over your body. Others might feel a bit stressful when staying around you if the aroma is overwhelming. Learn these tips below to use perfumes in cool man's way!

Spraying perfumes is also an art.
  • Apply perfumes after having a bath when the skin is dry
  • Don't spray your perfume and walk through it
  • Target some points to apply as your inner wrists and neck
  • Keep the bottle of perfume 3-6 inches away from you to spray
  • Don't rub your fragrances after applying
  • Change the type of perfume on each season (winter, summer)

Perfumes are an ideal gift on any special occasion as Valentine's day. With the list of best perfumes for men in India, hopefully, you can find a proper perfume for him on this special day. We will update how to wear perfumes properly in the next article. You should take a daily check on to get!


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